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I have been thinking a lot as I have been looking over different diets to help autistic kids.  I really like the GAPS diet, which is based off of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Another one I discovered along the way is from No Harm Foundation called the Spectrum Balance Diet (www.noharmfoundation.org).  All three of these diets take into account the Gluten Free and Casein Free diet.  The review of these diets led to a discussion with my husband about what the medical science says about treating the condition of autism and what the alternative or Natural Medicine has to offer.

Honestly, we come from two different views on this but both of us have a respect for the other perspective.  The biggest issue is the lack of scientific studies that have been done on the effectiveness of the alternative or natural medical approaches.  Thus the reason for the title of this posting.  I would love to learn what studies have been done and what studies are being done regarding the effectiveness of the various diets in the treatment of autism.  I have heard of several reports of autistic children “being healed” or at the least, getting off of the autistic spectrum due to the diet they have been on.  Truly, it is the hope that I have, too.  However, I am also a realist.  I understand the perplexity of the autism condition and how it is different for each child.  However, there are also similarities that have been noted.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride noted the similarity of the gut flora issues with autistic children, citing several studies supporting that fact as well.  Dr. Shauna Young is researching the findings she has discovered with the autistic children she has treated as having excess manganese levels while also having iron deficiencies.  The GFCF  and SCD diets have also had their success stories.

I can’t help but see the connection with nutrition and healing the body with implementing a healthy diet, addressing these deficits.  A question I have is after the kids have improved enough after being on these diets, do they still have some symptoms of autism?  I would love to see what the incidents of autism are in Third World people groups who have not been introduced to the Western Diet.  Along with that, I would like to see what the incidents are of autism with people groups who have not had the vaccinations we’ve had in the Western World, or with vaccinations that are not made with aborted fetal cell lines.  This does not have to be political at all!  I know the big pharmaceuticals have all the political pull and would not support such studies, most likely, but that does not make any sense to me, especially with the rate of autism now being about 1 out of every 95 kids.  At the very least, these are the kids of our future.  It would make sense to have these future voters be able to be gainfully employed in the future and not dependent upon strained social and health services, especially since there isn’t any money for them anyway.  I recently got Joshua approved with the Department of Developmental Disabilities and he is now on a wait list, AN 8 YEAR WAIT LIST, to get financial support for either treatments insurance doesn’t cover, help with paying for dietary needs, respite, etc.

I met a mother of 2 kids on the autism spectrum who has been advocating in our state for autism treatments to be covered by all insurances ( http://www.washingtonautismadvocacy.org).   God bless her.  She has gotten such laws on the books in Texas, where they lived prior to coming to Washington and she has worked tirelessly for autistic kids in our state, while also, along with her husband, worked hard, with much heart ache and sacrifice, to get the services her kids need to be successful and safe.  I would again, encourage my readers to contact their legislators to advocate for such laws in their state.

I have spoken with many parents who have tried various treatments and diets for their autistic children with various degrees of improvement.  I have heard of some families who didn’t get their children treatment until they had started school and finally admitted that there was something wrong with their precious child.  The medical community has advocated for early interventions for ASD kids.  I have heard that, a lot.  It really makes sense, especially with the rate of brain growth at the younger years.  Well Child checks for children are so important!  Having well trained pediatricians and family doctors are vital!  That is how we got started on our journey and I will be forever grateful for our family doctor!  We are doing all we can to provide not only a healthy diet, but appropriate treatments for Joshua while we have good medical insurance.

The primary place that kids are being treated, unless they have good insurance or are financially able to afford the treatments, is the school districts.  However, that can be hit and miss as to what kind of programs are offered, despite legal mandates to provide the most “appropriate education” for the child to be able to learn.  Autistic children, by nature, are more into their own worlds and don’t do well with class room instruction.  They need one on one and small class sizes with teachers trained in working with autistic children.  The program Joshua is in is a half day program despite his need for a full day.  There is talk that they may have a full day program next year but it is not settled as to if it will even compare with the other program in the district, which is on the other side of the tracts and the original program for our district.  The dear teachers at Joshua’s school are advocating for it.  The parents need to insist on it.  I for one, need to take the time to write the director and be that squeaky wheel.  The day to day challenges of a family seem to put that on the back burner.

So, back to the main point of this post.  Considering the lack of funds available to support adequately the increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it would stand to reason, in my opinion, the Natural Medical Community to be supported in conducting all the studies that they can to not only work with the medical/scientific establishment and look at the various discoveries related to autism, as to not only the possible contributing causes of it, but the possible, and I’ll go ahead and utter the word, “cure” for it.  I for one, do not know what the cause of it is, but it seems to me that environmental factors play into it, at least in some cases, but I also won’t rule out a predisposition to it.  In our own family medical history, there is a history of depression, addiction, Alzheimer’s, dementia, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, just to name a few.  Because of my love for Joshua, I want to do all we can to help him be successful and give him, and future grandchildren, every opportunity to have a healthy and productive life so as to glorify God in all that they are and created to be.

Update:  After writing this article, I did some searching and found this article, linked from the Autism Society of Washington, that was encouraging:  http://www.autism-society.org/site/PageServer?pagename=research_tgri.  Here is another study related to medical history that deserves looking into:  http://www.autism-pdd.net/medical.html. There is so much to learn and I am grateful for the internet to give me so much to read when I should be sleeping in bed!

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  1. Deedee Miller Says:

    Wanting to see what other countries’ autism rates are, is/was a desire if mine too. I haven’t found it (and haven’t gone looking for it in awhile), but was excited? to see mostly international clients in the PECS demonstration videos. It seems that PECS does a lot of consulting about their communication system, and they do so internationally.

    It left me with this feeling of, “Okay, so at least I know it ‘can’ occur in a 3rd world country.”

  2. admin Says:

    True. One question I have, regarding the autism rates in 3rd world countries is, how many have been introduced to the Western Diet or vaccines? Especially as it’s a controversial subject.


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