Verbal explosion

Joshua continues to make progress. Both his speech therapist and Developmental Pre-school teacher were excited to report his verbalizing today. Amanda described him as mimicking through out the session and she described challenging him to expand his phrases when he was going down the slide to say: “Slide DOWN”, emphasizing “DOWN”. Josh was frustrated in that he like just saying “Ready, Set, Go” when he wanted to do something. She laughed when she described him as resigning to her request by growling and then saying “DOWN”! The goal is to get him to match his speaking with the situation, basically expanding his word choices, which he does do on occasion, saying an appropriate word or phrase given a situation. The girls had told Amanda about him raising his voice yesterday at dinner saying “Give it to me now!” when he was upset that Rachel had not given him something he wanted. His words didn’t quite match up to the situation, but he certainly got his message across! Loud and clear!

"Mom! Why won't she just let me slide in peace?" Oh, so much is said in his eyes!

Joshua working on saying "Down" with Amanda

Joshua would rather just slide, but Amanda is making him expand his expressive language. He finally said "Down"!

When we took Joshua to school, Ms. Katie met us and was excited to hear about Joshua’s speech therapy session and all the mimicking he was doing. She sent me the following report at the end of school:

“Josh had a GREAT day! He was imitating everything, spelling his name, requesting at snack, said “raisins please” when boys on each side of him had just said it… on and on!!! We were so excited about all his talking!!!! He said “2” when he put up the 2 on the calendar, it just goes on! Yay!!!

Oh, and he ate an apple and probably about 1/2 cup of raisins, I was using them throughout the afternoon as a reinforcer along with the tickles. I tried using the Bertie the Bus, which he loves, but that was too hard to get back from him to work again!”

It has been quite the thrill to hear how he is improving.  Of course, we see a lot of this at home, but to hear the excitement of the professionals working with him, it is quite encouraging.

Oh, and after dropping off Joshua, I had the opportunity to speak with another mom of an autistic boy, in another class at Josh’s school.  It was a treat to hear her child’s story and how her son is improving with ABA after getting diagnosed at the UW Autism Center.  Interesting comparing notes on the two local Autism programs and how fast they were able to get an assessment at UW versus us at Seattle Children’s.  If I had it to do over again, I may have gone to UW as they do get folks in and out faster.  However, their insurance coverage is different.  When I talked to them, after languishing on the waiting list with Seattle Children’s, they took very few insurances, however, Microsoft was one that they had no problems with.  Hind sight is 20/20, as they say!

Another topic we discussed was the programs in our district and how they work with the autistic pre-schoolers.  I have yet to write my letter to the district, but when I have the time, I certainly will!  That’s the hardest thing for me, as of late, finding time to really work on the blog and other paperwork/case management/home care/budgeting.  I’m struggling to get things done as it is.  I will continue to work on budgeting my time.  Lately, the priority is getting to bed at a decent hour.  On that note…

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