A Plausable Vaccinations and Autism link

The relationship between vaccines and autism has been debated for years.  Tonight I came across an article on LifeNews.com (http://www.lifenews.com/nat6272.html) that shows a link that I think may be likely.  As a pro-life advocate, I have been in support of learning about ethical vaccines for years.  I heard about this website that gives information about what is in a lot of the vaccines that we allow our children to have:  http://www.cogforlife.org.  I have talked to the doctors our kids have had and not one of them were aware of the fact that some of the vaccines offered to children come from aborted fetal cell lines!

Oh, how we have been lulled to sleep while the enemy comes in and sows his weeds!  I honestly struggle with feelings of guilt, especially with Joshua, as I have had all my kids vaccinated.  I feel like a hypocrite, to be honest.  I debated but didn’t do the research that I should have done.  If I could have done it all over, I would have done a lot differently.  I felt, at the time, that I didn’t have much of an option.  I wanted to protect my kids from these deadly diseases, and, minimize the affects of the chicken pox, should they be exposed.  Ultimately, it was my responsibility to have gotten truly educated before allowing for them to be vaccinated, especially with the MMR, flu and chicken pox vaccines.  I was overwhelmed at the time, for various reasons, and despite hearing some rumbling about some concerns with the vaccinations from friends, I went ahead with the doctor’s recommendations.  I read on the Children of God for Ethical Vaccines site that it would still be morally acceptable to go ahead and vaccinate, which I went ahead and did, hoping for the best.  One thing I didn’t think carefully about, however, was, as a home schooling mom, it really wasn’t necessary to get caught up in the “vaccination schedule”.  I am a “stay at home” mom and the primary caregiver after all.  Ignorance is not bliss!  Thus, another reason for this blog!  There is still good that can come out of Joshua’s autism where others can be blessed.  I want folks to get informed and make well educated decisions for their kids.  Don’t just go along with what the medical establishment recommends!  Do the research for yourself.  Now, I’m not against vaccinations, per se, but I do have concerns with how many vaccinations kids get as well as what may be in them, as opposed to what I had as a kid in the late 60’s, early 70’s.  The fact that we go to appointments for him 3 days a week, in addition to taking him to Developmental Pre-school, all which are helping him (in addition to his diet), but I can’t help but wonder what life would have been like, had I listened to the nagging doubts and learned more about what was in some of the vaccinations I was being encouraged to give my kids.  All the rushing around for appointments does make life more hectic and somewhat chaotic.  It robs me of some peace that I desperately seek and need.

So, back to this article I read… There is a great non-profit organization called Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, (SCPI) based in Seattle.  Their website (http://www.soundchoice.org/home.html) gives a lot of information about what they do and how you can support their efforts, which I think is a worthwhile endeavor:

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute has developed a certification program to let consumers know how their vaccines, drugs and cosmetics are manufactured so that they can make informed choices about what to purchase…

To date, 24 vaccines (10 of these are used in the US) contain components that are produced using aborted fetal cell lines. Following the vaccine example, we currently have 3 FDA approved recombinant drugs with up to 85 coming soon, and specialty cosmetic anti-aging creams also produced using aborted fetal cell lines or aborted fetal cell proteins…

Is this necessary? No.
Animal cell lines produce vaccines and biologics as economically and effectively as the aborted fetal cell lines. Rejuvenating anti-aging creams and cosmetic products are available produced using animal and non-fetal materials.

Is this safe? We don’t know.
Studies have not yet been done to determine the health consequences of injecting contaminating aborted fetal DNA and materials into our children, into our bodies, or into our skin.

This is from a brochure they have available regarding the vaccines:

Our government, in its duty to protect the
public health of our nation, recommends a
vaccination schedule overly influenced by
pharmaceutical companies. Government
web-sites promote our current vaccination
schedule and dismiss parents’ safety concerns.
Surprisingly, however, the US Government
recently conceded that vaccines can be linked
to autism (Poling vaccine-induced autism
lawsuit, 2008). Doctors, pharmacists, parents,
public policy officials are concerned – what is
the answer?
By the time a child enters school they have
received an average of 36 vaccinations – a
number of them during the first 12 months of
life. Several of these contain aborted fetal DNA
and cellular contaminants, a fact that has many
parents, scientists and medical professionals
concerned. They are concerned about the
short term safety, the ethical aspects and the
unknown lifelong health consequences, so
concerned that parents are increasingly opting
out of the recommended vaccination schedules.
Their concerns may have merit, unfortunately
we don’t have the quality and quantity of
research needed to draw firm conclusions.
Before children received so many vaccinations
and before vaccines contained aborted
fetal DNA, only 1 child out of 10,000 was
diagnosed with autism, now 1 child out of 150 is
diagnosed. Is there a link? We need to find out.
Research is the answer.

Sound Choice’s Newsletter for April 2010 shows the research they are conducting related to the rise in autism that is linked with aborted fetal cell lines being introduced into the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines correlating in 1979, 1988, and 1995.  (http://www.soundchoice.org/Images/SCPINewsletter_April_2010.pdf)

All the support they can receive for their research would be not only necessary but something we, as parents should advocate for!  The big pharmaceutical companies are not looking out for our best interest, in my opinion.  They certainly do a lot of good, but it says something when aborted fetal cell lines are in so many products and we don’t even know it!

I would be interested in hearing from my readers if any of you have heard of this subject manner before, regarding the vaccinations.  And, no, it’s not some conspiracy theory and for sensationalism.  Considering the strength of the abortion rights lobby and the uproar over the embryonic stem cell research being advocated, despite the lack of success of their research, I’m not surprised.   Adult stem cells are actually more successful in many of the studies and can even be ethically manipulated to imitate embryonic stem cells.  If you don’t believe me, listen to Dr. Oz:  Dr. Oz tells Oprah and Michael J. Fox: Stem Cell Debate is Dead

Update 4/28/2010:

Finally, here is another article written by Jill Stanek on World Net Dailey, Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?(http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=146669 ), which not only goes over the studies sited above, but also questions the validity of  Dr. Poul Thorsen’s the mercury /vaccine/ autism link studies, and discusses the pro-choice reaction to the aborted fetal line concerns.  Regardless to the pro-choice/pro-life debate, let’s hope that we can agree on one thing, as Stanek quotes Dr. Deisher so clearly:

Dr. Deisher has had a different experience when discussing this issue with abortion proponents. “One can be pro-abortion and want safe vaccines for their children and all children. One can be pro-abortion and object to the cannibalization of aborted children. Philosophically, they are sickened by the thought of injecting their child with the DNA of an aborted fetus.”

It seems obvious that objective studies need to be done and supported.  Aren’t our kids worth it, after all?  At the very least, it’s for the good of our future to see what is going on here with the vaccines and any possible link to autism.  If there is anyway to prevent autism, that would be great.  In the mean time, we need to see how to best treat the kids who are inflicted with this condition so they can overcome this to become the best they were created to be.

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