Time to talk about going potty!

“Time to go potty!”

Joshua has continued to talk more, repeating phrases and even initiating some relevant speech. He said “more” on his own at dinner, and said “mine” with Michael, who was being a stickler about the trains, as to who’s Stanley was whose…Despite the 5 year old need for justice, I can’t begin to describe how it makes me feel, seeing Joshua progress in his speech. Standing up to his brother will come, and I’m seeing some 3 year old retribution in that Joshua began taking Michael’s piggy bank and running away with it! The funny thing is, even that is seen as progress in my eyes. I suppose I will need to address it with Joshua, but I don’t think it’s critical.

On another note, I am attempting to work on potty training lately. I have looked online for ideas in potty training an autistic, non-verbal 3 year old. Not sure what the best approach is yet, but I have been putting him in underwear for the weekend as we have been home. I’m trying to stretch the pull-ups, especially as Bryan doesn’t get paid until the end of next week. It takes some work, having him visit the potty, every hour, and if he doesn’t go, every 15 minutes after that. It’s hit and miss. He rarely misses the floor, however! I found him wet this evening and looked all over for where he peed. I couldn’t find it, which is scary. Either it was a small amount or we are in for a surprise. I must say, that little boys look adorable in underwear, in my opinion. Luckily, Joshua didn’t have a poop in his undies, especially as our septic had backed up and had to get pumped today. THAT was fun!

Joshua doing his business.

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