“Healthy Fats”

“Time to take your medicine!”

There are a variety of Cod Liver Oils to choose from.  Currently, we are using Green Pasture’s Fermented Blue Ice Oslo Orange Cod Liver Oil.  It tastes gross.  I tried it.  CLO comes in liquid, capsule form or chewy squares.  The only real option available to us, is the liquid or capsule.  We are gong with the liquid right now.

I’ve been reading in the GAPS book about what healthy fats do for us and it spurred me to try to get Joshua to take his “medicine”.  I left a post for the GAPS Yahoo group and got some encouraging responses.  The one I decided to follow was to be honest with Joshua and not try to hide the medicine in his drink or food.  What was happening was classic Pavlov’s Dog, but in reverse.  Joshua was not wanting to drink anything, due to me putting Fermented CLO in his juice.  Not good!  So, at dinner, I gave it a go.  I told him he needed to take his medicine.  He refused and turned away from me, but I essentially got the syringe in his mouth and gave him ¼ teaspoon this time.  I will do it twice a day for the next week to not only make it more tolerable (not as big a dose), but to practice how to take it.  Heck, I worked with kids and I understand that it takes repetition and the knowledge that you will follow through, especially with something that they need and is good for them.  I am grateful by all the knowledge from these Yahoo Groups.  I’ve also started sprinkling his probiotics on his food.  He had chewables last time so we will see what a difference it makes.  What I’d like to know is how long it takes for Joshua to detoxify?  It’s going to be a challenge as he is one who takes food that he can get to, his sisters’ room, where they keep their treats, a bite of pasta that was left out on the table, etc.  Does this mean we go back to day 1 when he does this?  If so, it seems like this will go on forever.  It seems as though he is, somewhat, detoxifying now as he’s been acting more lethargic.  Joshua’s Godmother, Moira, was with him in Sunday School today.  She reported that he was quiet and seemed to want to lay down more.  He’s like that at home, too.  Makes me think that some detoxifying is going on, but it’s hard to be sure.  I need to get more restrictive and really follow the diet better so he can get the most benefit.  Something is happening, as he had a formed Bowel Movement today, which is good news!  It feels like “The Poop Report” having such an interest in his bodily functions, but it’s one of the indicators as to what is going on with the rest of his body.  Anyway, he did better than I thought he would.  I bet he will be doing fine with it by the start of summer, he’ll be taking it without to much fuss.

I also discovered that I need to, somehow, get more seed/nut oil and olive oil into him.  He won’t eat the seeds, so maybe I can make some nut butter and spread it on some coconut bread for him.  I know it will get better, but it’s hard to be patient.  I found out that we shouldn’t cook with olive oil as the healthy stuff gets cooked away.  The best kind of fats to cook with are animal fats, so we need to devise a system where we save the fat from what we are cooking so we have more available.  Right now, we have butter, I could make some gee, I think, out of butter but it’s suppose to be organic.  That is quite expensive.  We are starting to collect chicken fat, lamb fat, beef fat, what ever we are cooking, just need to devise a system so we don’t let it go to waste.

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