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I have taken the plunge into utilizing affiliate marketing with our blog, simply for the fact that although Joshua is getting more services, his diet and supplements, are not covered by insurance and are expensive. One way, aside from your prayers, of course, that you can support Joshua along his journey is to check out the affiliates and store we have set up and consider buying through our links, things you were going to purchase anyway and encourage others to do the same.

Children with autism often benefit from being on one of the various autism diets, and there is a lot of guess work involved with each child, based upon what autism symptoms are presented. As we know, the toxins these kids are exposed to, as we all are, can not be processed, which has been the case for Joshua. Part of our plan for the treatment of autism for Joshua that has had success, has, in fact, been the various supplements he’s been given as well as the GAPS diet he’s been on. There are more supplements we would like to try as well as treatments his DAN doctor/ naturopath recommends,  but simply lack the means being a necessarily one income family. Frankly, this is where you, our loyal readers come in. Perhaps, by passing on our blog to your friends, perhaps it would be of some help to them or their friends, and encourage folks to use our affiliates. Today, I’m highlighting who I’ve signed up with:

First, of course, is the infamous Amazon store, located in the right hand corner of our page,  where you will find a variety of products that are targeted to the treatment of autism in children, books, products for the kitchen (for all that food prep), and various products and activities that help autistic children. Apple has some products  notorious for helping autistic children: the iPad, iPod, or even the iPhone, and there are specific apps for autistic children that have been devised. There are other books that I will continue to highlight, that help with autism treatment, in our Amazon store. Check them out. Purchasing through us will benefit Joshua’s treatment and we are so grateful for your support.

The next affiliate I want to highlight is Autism Speaks, highlighted on the upper left of our page, who focuses on autism research and treatment. Continue to keep autism in the forefront of people’s minds by wearing and displaying their products. As we know, autism strikes 1/54 boys in this country and 1/88 children. It is an epidemic that is not going away unless we work together in finding not only the cause, but how to treat this condition. Your support helps in that fight.

Ecomom, represented by a logo on the right sidebar below, is an affiliate I came across that I wish I knew about when my kids were little. This is a description of what they have to offer in reducing the over all toxic loads our kids are exposed to on a daily basis:

ecomom is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. We empower moms’ and their commitment to take better care of their families and themselves by providing easy access to the world’s best, healthiest, and safest products. From organic baby food to cloth diapers, wood toys and non-toxic house cleaning supplies, our product curation and acclaimed customer service sets us apart. Along the way we even provide some education, support, tools and feedback from other moms – we empower them to take the all important first steps toward a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.”

Microsoft Store
Microsoft has a great product that we are fortunate to have gifted to our family by Joshua’s grandparents, which is actually great for autistic kids:  The Xbox Kinect.  It turns out that programs have been developed to help autistic kids with social behavior:  XBox Kinect helping students with autism and helping with motor planning and strengthening areas of their bodies that need to be worked on:  watch?v=uuP6d42hK8k.  So, whether or not you are interested in getting the Kinect, Kinect games or other Microsoft products; if you know folks that work for Microsoft, or work there yourself, would you consider going through our affiliate program to help support Joshua’s autism biomedical treatment?

And, finally, Health, Home and Happiness Click here to visit Health Home and Happiness,  has graciously agreed to work with us in advocating for a biomedical approach for kids with autism,  due to what Cara has done with her own children while also supporting people using the GAPS diet, the diet we use with Joshua.  Cara has developed two valuable e-books to help folks not only get started on the GAPS diet, but offering some Grain Free Freezer Meal Plans as well: Click here to view more details.  Our family has been learning as we go, and Cara helps so much in taking the guess work out, laying out a workable plan, as well as offering practical hints as to how to help your child with sensory issues get started on the GAPS diet.

What valuable resources and it’s all right here for your convenience!  Thank  you for your support in helping us fund Joshua’s biomedical treatment.  I realize we are biased, but he is definitely worth the investment and we are so blessed by all the ways our readers have supported us in helping Joshua improve.  It does make a difference!

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