Raising an autistic child should be exciting enough…

We have had a lot of excitement these past few months.  I am sorry that it has been 4 months since I posted last!  We had found out in January, after paying our rent, that our landlord didn’t actually own the house we have been renting.  We had a representative from a Cash for Relocation service come to our door and inform us that the bank owned the house.  Apparently,  the house had foreclosed in February 2009 while we had moved in late May of that same year.  The entire time, our rental payments have simply been going into the “scam-lord’s”  pocket.  That explains a lot about why he has been such a poor landlord!

God has so graciously taken care of us this whole time, however.  We were able to retain a lawyer, the husband of a pro-life friend of mine who said he would help us pro-bono. Additionally, Joshua’s school teacher and occupational therapist both wrote letters on our behalf, to the bank, appealing to them to allow us to stay in the home until school got out for Joshua and his siblings, as we were already planning on moving, anyway, and simply want a smooth transition for Joshua.  The bank agreed and has allowed us to stay until the end of June.  I guess they didn’t want the bad PR for taking almost 3 years to take ownership of the house.  The landlord, well, we haven’t heard from him since we confronted him in February.  We are out the last month’s rent, deposit, and money we put out for plumbing repairs, and still may end up taking him to court.  Apparently, the bank won’t go after him, despite him defrauding them, essentially, close to $50,000.  I wish they would, as it is a felony.  However, they might allow for us to go after him and then be entitled to a portion of our judgment.    Prayers for discernment is appreciated.

Visiting some Bellingham friends

More Bellingham friends!

Ferndale friends!

Joshua announcing the start of a Pine wood Derby Race

Michael getting some help putting weights on his Pine wood Derby car.

So, these past few months have been keeping us busy with looking for housing, checking out school districts and schools, therapy centers, home schooling co-ops, trying to decide whether to rent or buy, spending countless hours researching while also, essentially, being a single parent while Bryan is working in Spokane, while at the same time, I’m trying to teach the older kids, do Joshua’s therapy with his iLs study and start him on OT to finish out the school year.  We’ve also tried to take time to visit friends that we will be leaving behind, even making a trip up to Bellingham to visit some of our friends there.  Yep.  Just a tad busy.

Hopefully, with two weeks remaining in this house, we may have found THE perfect rental house in Hayden yesterday and Bryan is going to go and tour it on Friday before coming home for the weekend, and hopefully, put down a deposit.  (I did some research and the owner is the actual owner, according to county records, which is good.  She said the house is paid off and there is no bank involved.  What a relief.  )  Anyway, Hayden is just north of Coeur d’Alene and yet still in the CDA school district, which is where we want him to be.  I spoke with the Director of  Special Education and Joshua is pretty much going to be going to one particular school in the district that works with autistic kids at his level of development.  The classes are going to be bigger than he’s used to, with 20 kids and 8 adults, versus 10 kids with 3 adults.  That will be an adjustment for him, in and of itself.

Joshua swimming with Mr. Casey

Michael and Joshua after the Lenten Soup Supper.

Michael reading to Joshua one of their favorite stories: Thomas the Train!

So, while we are looking for houses, I have pretty much decided that the garage is going to be transformed into a therapy area for the kids with the cool lycra hammocks, swings, a big pool full of balls and pillows, big mats and over-sized pillows for the floor, etc.  Doreen, Joshua’s therapist at Children’s Therapy of Woodinville, http://www.childrenstherapyofwoodinville.com/Our_People_OT.html is giving me a lot of ideas and it can be done rather inexpensively.  Joshua’s birthday is coming up at the end of July and I think I know what kind of stuff he is going to be getting!  Another goal I have is for us to get a large size trampoline for the yard (Maybe Christmas)….and chickens!  It has a chicken coop already and with our family eating eggs everyday, we go through 5 dozen a week!

Ball Pit and Lycra Room ideas from Children's Therapy of Woodinville

One of the gyms at Children's Therapy of Woodinville

Oh, and I almost forgot:  Joshua finished his iLs study in March.  I will find the results of the study and tell you about it on another post!

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