Progress with the Intro Diet

No More Nuts: Full Intro GAPS diet

I decided Friday, I think it was, to cut out all nuts out of Joshua’s diet and try to cut back on fruit to help with his diarrhea. He also hasn’t been taking his cod liver oil, despite it being offered. The good news is his poop is much better. He’s been eating peas and loving them. I even sent a bunch to school and he was reported to say, 10 times today: “I want more,” asking for more peas! How cool is that?

Joshua and Michael went to Occupational Therapy today and I got some good ideas on how to engage both boys in playing together. Annie suggested being an announcer and guiding their play. I hope I can remember how she had us do that today. Especially so I can teach Bryan and the girls.

Joshua also had his first dentist appointment, which was a Happy Visit. Well, he wasn’t to happy and I had to work with him to get his mouth open so the dentist could look over his teeth. Holding him and playing with him helped. I have no idea how we will ever get to the point of he allowing them to clean his teeth. I have 6 months to read up on it. We may need to go to the dentist office at Children’s where they are skilled in dealing with sensory processing disorder. I’m honestly nervous about that as an autistic kid died after going there.

Joshua is responding well, overall to the diet change. He has been eating the soup with the broth removed, but still soaked in what he’s eating. He scarfs it all down. I need to make more soup! Perhaps I will see about using one of our chickens and just use it for soup by throwing it in a pot for the day. I think with the nuts out and the broth, and probiotics, he’s making improvements. Not sure how long we are to do this, however. So, I need to keep reading from the GAPS book. Unfortunately, I have misplaced it in the house. I hate that. I also need to finish up the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) paperwork so I can send it in. Just need one more copy of a report that I have, but have to find. I’ve been so busy as of late, looking for a part time job that I didn’t get it done. This is a challenge for me as I have so many things to keep track of. I started doing a daily schedule on Outlook and that helps. I need structure and it helps the kids to have it as well. I simply can’t remember everything, try as I might!

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