Precision Songs

The kids and I went to the Northwest Catholic Family Education Conference last Friday.  It’s something we look forward to every year.  My purpose was to see what was available for used home school curriculum and look through materials I needed for the next school year and then see where I could get it used or at a discount, as much as possible.  The goal, with a one income family, is to really make our dollars stretch. We also got to meet up with Bellingham friends and friends we hadn’t seen in a while locally.  So much knowledge and support with the blessing of learning from the speakers as well as one another.

In the packet of handouts given to each attendee, there was a flyer that caught my attention regarding Precision Songs.  This program involves helping kids with special needs, such as autism, to learn functional language skills in a way that is naturally reinforcing.  They had a quote on the flyer by Temple Grandin, from her book, Emergence:  Labeled Autistic, P. 143 states, “Musical and rhythmic activities are highly recommended for autistic children. Nonverbal autistics can sometimes sing words that they are unable to speak.”  That was certainly true for Joshua.  I was even more intrigued.  When I got home, I looked them up on the web and from their website

Looking through their website, I was getting even more excited.  Wow!  They use this program in schools!  I definitely was interested in each of their products and looked forward to telling Joshua’s grandparents of some neat gift ideas for his birthday.  I also passed on the information to Joshua’s teacher.  I’m really excited to try their products with Joshua and hope to get it looked at by his therapists and teachers.  I think he would get a lot out of them due to him being attracted to musical and rhythmical activities.  What I liked, when looking at their products was they were affordable!  The music had a purpose and followed a four step method:

  1. A learning song is presented in its entirety.
  2. The song is repeated with key omissions.
  3. The song topic is spoken.
  4. The song topic is spoken with key omissions.

I am also impressed how Precision Songs came about and am so encouraged by all the information on their website.  I want to encourage others to check them out and once we are able to try out their products, I will be sure to let you know what it is like and how Joshua responds.  Stay tuned!  Oh, that’s kind of a musical joke there!  The many treatments out there are so neat to discover.

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