Peace be with you

We go to the Catholic Church to the parish my grandmother belonged to, in the early 70’s.  It’s a Dominican Parish and 102 years old.  We have been blessed by the church community and have decided to attend this parish despite the drive due to the kids’ godparents all attending there.   It’s nice to go someplace where “everybody knows your name”, or at the least, recognizes you and your family.

During Mass, Joshua has a hard time sitting in the pew and gets antsy.  I’m grateful that my older kids, despite being 11 and younger, all behave themselves if I have to take Joshua for a walk around the church, or take him to the bathroom, as I take the kids myself.  (They know that their good behavior gets rewarded.)  Joshua and I took 3 such walks today and he directed me to the bathroom each time and actually did go potty, all 3 times. Joshua smiles at some folks and not at others.  It really depends upon what his plan is at the time.  When we walk across the back of the church, Joshua likes to walk  with one eye closed and looking at the tables with a sideways glance.  I will be telling that little tidbit to Sam, his vision therapist.  It’s quite interesting.

Before going up for communion, we say the Our Father and share the sign of peace.  I have our family sit on the side where there is not as many seats, they have a clear view of the alter, and it gives perfect opportunity for Joshua and I to comfortably walk around the area and I have him shake hands with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  At this point, Joshua shakes their hands and looks at them, but says nothing.  Some times he even smiles.  I know he will get these social skills down, as at some point,  I want him to get used to doing this.  I have shared with some that he has autism, and they are all quite encouraging and delighted to have him shake hands.  I am grateful for the Body of Christ, who embraces “the least among us” and encourages Joshua in his development.  I’m still working on not having him crawl on the ground.  He sometimes does a half crawl of sorts, going around on his knees.  Reminds me of a penitent you see in the movies, crawling on their knees.  At least he’s getting some practice!

Seriously, though, if Joshua ever feels called to the priesthood, I have a feeling the vow of silence, with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, would be easy for him.  I could also see him as a Contemplative.  After all, “Still waters run deep”, don’t they?

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