Parental Education of ASD

“How to be an Educated Consumer”

I had the opportunity to go to The Autism Center lecture on “How to be an Educated Consumer”.  It was quite interesting.  He was discussing the various studies having to do with treatment and causes of autism.  It was heavily weighted on the medical model, in my opinion, as they seem to down play natural remedies and diet, however, did not utilize their own standards in determining if a study is valid or not.  In essence, from what I understood, the diets, for example, weren’t shown to help significantly, however, the sample size was low and there seemed to be to many variables to say one way or another.  I asked two questions, both of which he had no answer to:

  1. I wanted to know if any studies had been done to determine the incidents of autism in other cultures, more specifically, cultures where the people had not been influenced by the Western Diet, anti-biotics, and toxins, prevalent in our culture.
  2. I also asked if any studies had been done that studied the gestational health of the mother, or even the over all health of the mother prior to having the autistic child.

Aside from not being able to answer my questions, it was a good lecture, over all and I’m glad I went.  Perhaps he’ll take my questions and see about doing a study.  I thought they were pretty good questions and I would really like to know the answer, although I could probably make a few guesses of my own.

The Autism Center with Seattle Children’s have monthly lectures, such as the one I noted above.  I hope to make use of the information presented and hope to give a brief synopsis of what was covered and my impressions.

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