“Note to self…”

Joshua had his first poop in the toilet today.  Well,…mostly.  We had gone down to visit my mom’s in Kent after Mass today, as we had planned to utilize her grain mill to make some flour out of the wheat berries she recently got from Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon for us, where she had also got Coconut flour and Almond flour for Joshua’s diet (http://www.bobsredmill.com/ ).

Joshua was looking uncomfortable after eating lunch and I asked him if he had to go poop.  He had never even tried sitting on the toilet for this task before.  I had usually found him to late.  So, I sat him on the toilet and he actually went into the toilet!  I could tell it kind of surprised him by the look on his face and he wanted to get down.  I let him get down momentarily as I could tell he wasn’t all the way done, (by previous experience, of course!).  I asked his sister to go and get a story book so I could read to him and distract him a bit as he looked like he didn’t want to stay on the toilet and I knew it would be best to give it a chance.  Rachel was fortunate as to be able to get him a Thomas the Train book.  That did the trick!  He settled down on the toilet and we looked through the book about 4 times and still, no more action.  I decided to get up momentarily, to prep the wheat.  This turned out to be a bad idea.

I should have known better than to leave him on the toilet.  As soon as I tested the mill and turn the switch, Joshua apparently got off the toilet and he ended up pooping on the floor by the toilet and slightly down his leg.  I gathered that the noise of the mill “scared it out of him”!  While cleaning up the mess and Joshua, I showed Josh where the poop goes and then praised him for the good work he had done.  Despite the mess on the floor, he really did a great job for the first time.   He had peed in the toilet several times today, as well!

He’s genuinely making progress, but I still need to make the laminated cards so he can work on initiating having to go.  He does try to go when I ask him to, sweetly holding my hand as we make our way, and letting me get him on the toilet. However, he needs to learn to get himself up there and pull down his pants, and all the rest.  I will work on that when I can this week.  In the meantime, I will keep him in underwear at home; keep up with the GAPS diet; and continue to keep track of his patterns and try to catch what signals he puts out for needing to go use the bathroom.

Our dear Ms. Katie, Joshua’s teacher passed along some great information as to how to get a kid to sit on the bigger toilets without falling in.  So, I am going to post some pictures of Joshua modeling how to do this, thanks to Ms. Katie.  Thankfully, he is not exposing himself, and I’m really only posting this, not to embarrass him, now or in the future, but as a tool to help others with these handy techniques.  Thanks, again Ms. Katie!  You do such a great job with Joshua!

Position 1

Joshua modeling how a child can sit safely on a big toilet

Position 2

Isn't the look on his face priceless?

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