Melt downs

What did Wendy and Diego do?

This morning, while getting dressed for Church, Joshua was holding onto the Lego figures of Wendy from Bob the Builder, and Diego, from Dora the Explorer.  I took him to sit on the toilet, which is becoming a routine, when he suddenly threw down the dolls and started to cry, while up on the toilet.  He had been jabbering to or about them both, quite happily prior to me placing him on the potty.  Something threw him for a loop, whether it be something Wendy or Deigo said or did, I don’t know, but it certainly upset Joshua for about 15 minutes.  He didn’t have to go potty so I let him get down and went ahead dressing him for Mass and holding him tight, rubbing his back and talking soothingly to him.  Getting everyone ready for Church necessitated me having to let him try to calm down on his own, which really doesn’t work very well for an autistic child.  He went into the girls’ room and got up on Sarah’s top bunk and cried until Bryan got him down.  Bryan held him and tried to calm him but he continued to cry, essentially, until I strapped him in his booster chair and gave him a banana.  What caused this sudden outburst?  I can only guess.  Perhaps he was really hungry, something as simple as low blood sugar.  We’ve had other mornings where he didn’t react in such a manner, so, I don’t really know.  I still think Wendy and Diego said something, but they aren’t talking.  Perhaps they are worried they might get placed in the donation box.  I’m tempted, believe me!

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