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Speech Therapy

Today Joshua had Speech Therapy with Amanda.  He is making so much improvement.  She is working on teaching him to say the practical words of: “mine, open, and out”.  I have gone in with him at times and had the girls do some reading from their lessons, but lately, since Michael can be, shall we say, exuberant, and minimally responsive to his sister’s redirection, I have decided to stay in the waiting room.  That way, I can work with each girl to review their history and science reading.  It’s a “win-win” as I was also realizing that I simply end up talking to much and I want Josh to do more of that.  Amanda fills me in on what they worked on and answers all of my questions after his session.  Joshua absolutely loves her and can’t wait when I tell him that we are going to go and see Amanda so he can go “play” with her.   Joshua did a lot of talking today, which was so good to hear.  He says, “Ready, set, go” when he wants to do something and he really needs to expand his phrases.  What often happens is he won’t say what she wants him to during his therapy session, but will then start saying these words later, at home, even waiting until the next day.  It seems like there is something slowing down the process or something.

We reinforce what Amanda does with him and enjoy hearing him repeat back the various phrases we say.  Tonight, for example, he was doing a lot of parroting and said, “Goodnight!  See you in the morning” to me after I kissed him goodnight, giving me one of his precious smiles.  I think he was relieved to be in bed after Daddy tried to dress him and didn’t realize he had stuck both of Joshie’s legs in the same pajama pant leg.  Josh had made his way to me, penguin style and made some verbalization to get my attention as I was doing dishes.  Bryan saw what had happened and we both started to laugh.  Poor kid.  I think he was simply heading to mom to rescue him from this parental unit who couldn’t figure out how to put his pants on!  Dad got it right the second time and gave Josh the delightful task of brushing his teeth while he was at it.  Joshua loves brushing his teeth himself and reacts somewhat to any help.  It’s something he will have to work through because we want his teeth to last.  The best thing to hear, after tucking him in at night, once story is read, teeth brushed, lullabies sung and a kiss for his check, is his little, sweet voice saying” Good night.  I love you!”  It rarely happens, but I have a feeling that it’s beginning to change.

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