Life with an autistic child: A peek at my morning

What is going on around me while I tried to work this morning:

I started my writing day, today,  getting up early at 5 AM and getting to the computer at 5:30 AM.  I have had too many late nights writing and falling asleep at the computer, which is not good for my neck and over all health.  Joshua gets up around 6:30 EVERY DAY, occasionally sleeping in until 7 AM or so.  For an autistic child, he actually sleeps quite well at night and unless he’s sick, he sleeps solid, throughout the night.  Let me tell you, I’m incredibly grateful for this.

Of course, today when I got up early, Joshua ended up getting up around 6:15!  I had barely gotten started and instead of the productive quite time I had hoped to have, I have tried to switch tactics and at least do some studying about how to be a better writer.  With all the noise he’s making while playing in the same room, it’s both a blessing and a curse.  I’m certainly awake and alert, but distracted with the violent rustling through the Lego bin (well, actually, they are Megablocks).  Joshua is reinacting the Veggie Tales movie:  “Josh and the Big Wall”, with all the dialogue, songs and Silly Song intermission using the blocks.  (Have you ever seen square peas?)

Once Michael arrived, Joshua insisted he join in, so one would say one part of the dialogue and the other the next.  It’s quite amazing, actually, and I honestly love hearing it.  The tough part is with Michael’s arrival, the noise has increased and there are arguments interspersed.  Not to mention, if ANYONE has a slight stuffy nose and sniffs, Joshua screams.  I have no idea why other than the idea that he must have extra sensitivity with his hearing.  Most children with autism have some sort of hyper-sensitivity of some sort; even more than one!  I suppose the sound would bother anyone when it’s excessive, but geeze!  He essentially forces us to <<gasp>> wipe our noses more often and stop this annoying habit!   I hope we can figure out how to help Joshua desensitize in some way, both with this and his problem with the fans.

I am hoping to get a few more minutes of work in before being forced to start breakfast.  But since “it’s the most important meal of the day”, perhaps we can get everyone well fed, chores started and later in the afternoon, I will have everyone busy enough that I can find another hour or two, to work on my writing and blog assignments.  The challenge at that time is with the competition for the computer.  I may just end up working at night instead.  It’s quieter and less distractions.  Of course, then I have to battle my own distracting habits, not to mention, my need for sleep.  I could either get up even earlier and go to sleep earlier, as my Bryan does, or try to be more disciplined after the kids go to bed.  I’m praying for the Lord to show me the best way, or perhaps, even a better way I haven’t thought of yet.  I mean, I somehow had the inspiration this morning to write this post, so who knows?  The answer is in there somewhere!  Excuse me, now.  I have to go blow my nose before I make breakfast.  Apparently, this is the extent of my productivity this morning.

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