Let More Autism Treatment Begin!

Joshua was approved for the Katie Beckett Waiver we discovered last weekend.  After having an interview with Stacey from the Department of Health and Welfare here in Idaho.  Stacey came over to do the evaluation that was needed to qualify him for the Katie Beckett.  I was a bit nervous, but didn’t need to be, as Joshua easily qualified.  I realized while doing the evaluation, how his behavior has become “normalized” in our family as we have learned to adapt to how he behaves.  It was quite refreshing to go over what is typical age appropriate behavior and how much Joshua needs help, especially at home.

We received a notice in the mail of his approval and a few days later, his Medicaid Card.  Being the go-getter that I am, I then called an agency that does IBI services.  It was through them that I discovered there are still more hoops to jump through before Joshua can be set up for services.  He needs to see a doctor and get a physical done, which he needs anyway, and get a referral.  I had gone a few weeks ago to get established with a local pediatricians office and ended up firing the doctor we saw and am going with another doctor.  I didn’t need to get a lecture about how vaccines didn’t cause autism, which I didn’t even bring up.  The doctor we had basically chastised me for not completing Joshua’s MMR or Chicken Pox series.  The naturalpathic doctor we had seen the week before, who also is a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor agreed with my decision for the time being, until we could see how healthy Joshua’s body was and if he is loaded with heavy metals or not as a proper test had not been done, only a urine test had been done and it isn’t as accurate.  This pediatrician is convinced autism is a genetic disorder and not only wants the test results from Children’s Autism Center in Seattle, but seems to want to do more tests in that regard.  I was also having to explain the necessity of his diet and the need to thoroughly checking out his body to determine what deficits he has, giving the example of the L-Carnitine  test that had been done on him by our previous DAN doctor, also a pediatrician, that disclosed Joshua being unable to produce the amino acid that helps the body detoxify.  I was so upset upon leaving that appointment that I cried and that is a sure indicator that we need to find another doctor.  Fortunately, another pediatrician in the same clinic has a better reputation so we will see if it will go better with another doctor.

In addition to the referral and physical, I found out there is another evaluation that needs to be done to determine what kind of treatment he needs, or something to that effect.  Another mom I have connected with informed me that:  “With the Children’s Redesign (which is set to fully implement July 1), you can choose traditional services (ie – an Agency that offers Habilitative Supports/Habilitative Intervention/Respite) or you can choose Family Directed which allows you to hire anyone you want for what ever (approved) service you want. ”  I have still more to learn along this journey and one thing for sure, I will be continuing to be making phone calls and appointments to see what will be best for Joshua’s recovery and development.  What is such a blessing along this path is the school he is going to is also doing evaluations of him and he is already starting to get some treatment and we are already seeing the results of that at home.  Our school post will be coming up next!

Thank you, again, for coming along side of us on this journey and keeping us encouraged by your prayers and support.

The Sky is the limit, kiddo!


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