Josh is no fan of fans

Sunday we went to Aunt Anne’s for a baby shower we were hosting for our niece.  The kids got to join us in order to play with their cousins.  What a great time they all had.  Joshua kept himself to one room however, the play room.  He did get taken out to the kitchen to eat some lunch, but he was not thrilled to be there.  You see, facing the kitchen is the family room, and on the ceiling near the wood burning stove is…a ceiling fan.  Aunt Anne, knowing his fear of fans, had it off, but Joshua was not particular about having to eat his lunch while looking at the dreaded fan. Joshua was content, the rest of our time there, to play with the trains, cars and helicopters in his cousin Joey’s play room and that worked out quite fine as the other kids went in and out and I was able to keep my attention on helping out with the shower.

However, Joshua’s day of ceiling fans was not over, as after the shower, my mom wanted me to stop by to pick up some Bob’s Red Mill products that she got for me when she was down in Oregon.  No sales tax is quite an incentive and she was more than happy to do it for us.  I had her get Almond and Coconut Flour (a case of each) and 20 pounds of Wheat berries.  In fact, I think she may go back, as she was quite impressed with their products and she was the one who got me into healthy eating as a child.

Joshua has been at Grandma’s house before and he is quite afraid of the ceiling fan she has in the living room, even if it is turned off.  Once we got in the house, (he was resistant to even get out of the car), he clung to me until I put him down.  Then, he took off for the kitchen.  Despite everyone being in the living room, he would not go near it unless I carried him.  I’m hoping that when we get vision therapy going, and, perhaps some glasses, that will help him.  I can only imagine what he sees when a fan is going.  In the meantime, we will do what we can to encourage him and make him feel comfortable.

Joshua and Michael enjoying cousin Joey’s train table

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