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Intro GAPS Diet and GI issues

Joshua met me this morning with a huge poopy pull up. Poor kid. I cleaned him up and got him in the tub before breakfast. That, and other issues, led to us missing Mass, which saddened me. I want to get the kids to daily mass at least once a week. I have so much to do that I’m getting overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that the dishwasher is broken and we can’t afford to get it fixed yet. We made it to Sky Valley Education Center 10 minutes late for the girls’ class. New Year and I’m not doing to hot on getting places on time. We were there for two hours and the time was packed with things for me to do. I spoke with a friend there about prayer needs as she was attending an all night prayer vigil at her church. I had hoped to go, but ended up not being able to. Anyway, the moms there are such a blessing as they watched the boys for me while I took Rachel a few blocks away for her 11 o’clock Tumbling/Trampoline class. When I got back, I was informed that Sarah had cut her finger in Sewing class. She had gone to her next class and I went to check on her and she was in tears with a paper towel pressed to her finger and it was bleeding. I had to go to the office and get a bigger band aid to put over the one she had. By the time I got back, after dropping off some library books at the same time, I took some time to make copies of Joshua’s paper work (assessments) to apply for DDD support. Then, it was back in the car to pick up Rachel. While I was copying papers, someone had left the gate open to the nursery and Joshua escaped without me knowing. A kind student counselor brought him to me. I’m glad I’ve let folks know about his autism. It’s so important to keep an eye on him. I am going to take him with me, I think, for now on, as I did to pick up Rachel. The ladies do such a wonderful job but it just takes a second and I don’t want them to have that responsibility despite the convenience to me.

A neat thing Joshua did today, though, on the way home was sing a song he obviously learned from developmental pre-school: “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”. It wasn’t too legible, but once you made out the tune, it was such a treat, especially hearing him add the clapping. At home, he continued to show more initiating and is speaking a lot more. He can be quite playful and it’s so fun seeing him play with his brother and sisters. I can’t help but feel encouraged.

What a happy kid!

On the diet front, today, I made corned beef and roasted veggies, as well as cooked some white navy beans for the first time. I fully intended to start looking at how to make fermented vegetables so Bryan can pick up the groceries tomorrow when he goes. I don’t want to be dependent upon the probiotic that comes in a box when I can make some naturally. I’m also seeing how to start up the Intro diet and want to make use of the wonderful suggestions from the Yahoo Group members. It’s late again and I need to get some sleep.

After doing some more reading on the Yahoo Group site, I came across an entry that not only addresses diet issues but looks at manganese levels, as well. I need to learn more about this, especially since nuts have a high amount of manganese in them. Great. That could explain the diarrhea Joshua is having. Time to do more research.

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