Joshua had Occupational Therapy today with Annie and Michael, again, joined us.  I so appreciate Annie being willing to have Michael involved as it truly does imitate real life at home.  Joshua needed a lot of “regulating” today as he had to get up early so we could take Sarah and Rachel out to Monroe and then drive all the way to Shoreline for his 9 AM appointment.  He is also still recovering from his cold.

Today, we brought our camera and Michael had been having fun taking various pictures while I took Joshua to the bathroom.  Joshua was indicating something was up by the funny look he had on his face while standing in the closet and wanting the doors closed.  The first attempt was not successful, but he at least tried.  It was challenging as the bathroom I was in did not have a child’s potty seat and I think Joshua felt a little uncomfortable having me hold him on the toilet.  That being said, it still was a good experience for him as that’s real life.  I’m simply not able to bring a toilet seat around with me everywhere we go.

We went back in the therapy room and Joshua played for a while in the balls with Annie and Michael but he then laid down on the floor and reached his hand into his pull-up.  My immediate response is to redirect the behavior, but Annie informed me that perhaps he was indicating he had to go to the bathroom.  I asked Joshua if he had to go potty and he got up, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door.  So, we went to the other bathroom and I was thrilled to find a potty seat!  After sitting comfortably, Joshua then was able to go pee!  Success in a public setting!

Discussing the information Annie had previously given me on potty training, I decided I want to see about setting up visual cues for Josh.  I already had a laminator and black and white pictures are preferred (I am out of colored ink at the moment) due to autistic kids getting stuck thinking they need to have “brown pants” if the picture of the pants is brown, for example.  Such details I hadn’t considered but see the obvious connection.  I also was blessed to receive extra training underwear from a request I made on Freecycle, so I can get those ready to send to school for Joshua as Ms. Katie had suggested they work on potty training in underwear at school, too.  The only thing we have to figure out how to deal with is if Joshua doesn’t want to wear pants over his underwear as sometimes he does at home.  That seems to be a sensory processing thing or something, I’m not sure.

No! I don't want to wear any pants! Stay away from me!

The other night, I had tried to get him in at least shorts, due to it being nippy, but he would not have it, crying and thrashing about when I made the attempt.  That may be due to it being close to dinner, and being tired, I’m not sure.  I had gotten him to wear underwear with pants earlier in the day, so that’s my best guess.  I hope he doesn’t have trouble at school with wearing pants with his underwear.  It’s cute at home, but just wouldn’t do at Pre-school.

BTW, the rest of Joshua’s OT appointment was pretty fun with the boys playing with Annie in the balls, with a puppet and getting to swing on a flat swing.  Joshua seemed to need to lay down, and wanted to have me hold him a lot, laying on my back, etc. and play “steam roller”.  Annie surmised that he was needing to regulate, and needed me to help him do so, perhaps because of his early morning.  Not hard to do with such a snuggly boy!

Annie and the boys playing in the balls with a puppet

Annie is a lot of fun.  Purposeful fun!

Later, swinging on the flat swing was a fun way for both he and Michael to get their needs met.

Joshua and Michael Swinging with Annie

I then forgot the camera in his back pack and sent it to school with him.  I alerted Ms. Katie and asked her to take pictures of him during his day.  She got some nice ones of him, again, laying down on the floor, and then working on a puzzle.  That was neat to see as he typically works for a short while and then throws the pieces on the floor.  I need to find out their secret!

This is a familiar position

Working on a puzzle

He did it!

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