I wish I knew…

The Nose is Flowing

I wish I knew a lot more than I do, but the trouble with that is more would be expected from me!  LOL!   You have to have a sense of humor around my house.  It keeps you sane(r).   Anyway, the reason I bring this up is the kids are either suffering from allergies or have a head cold.  When that involves Joshua, it involves a whole lot of snot flowing out of his nose!  That also involves canceled therapy, staying home from school and not knowing when he’s having a melt down, what is the cause of it.

Joshua didn’t take a nap Tuesday afternoon, but was able to play quietly in his room for a while.  As usual, around the “making dinner hour”, and despite being given a snack of peas, apple slices, and cucumber slices, he was easily upset if any of his siblings took a slice to eat, too as he considered all the food, his!  It’s so hard to try to reason with a child with autism!  A nice Sea Salt Bath, did wonders for his attitude.  He was quite happy at dinner time and ate almost two bowls of taco soup!  However, about an hour and a half after going to bed, he woke up coughing and crying.  It took a long time to get him to calm down and I ended up having to sleep on the futon again.  My body missed my bed and my sleep apnea machine.  It sounds like he may have bronchitis again, or it may start to go that way.  I had made some elderberry syrup Tuesday and have been giving it to the kids.  I’d like to help them recover soon, but without the use of antibiotics if I can.  This involves lots of research on the computer, cooking in the kitchen, and trying to encourage the kids to at least tidy up after themselves after playing.  We had given up television Monday through Saturday night for Lent, so we have a lot of reading, listening to stories on tape and napping going on around here.  I’m tempted to see about doing some math games just to get some school in these sick days as well.  I’m such a mean mom!

Joshua just fell asleep on the floor, probably dreaming of car chase scenes with Michael’s Ducky.  Must be the Elderberry Syrup!

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