Home visit with Joshua’s School Team

Joshua’s Developmental Pre-school Team came for a home visit yesterday as they like to check in with the kids before school starts to help transition them back to school.  Joshua will be starting on Monday, September 13th.  I had invited them to lunch in appreciation for all they do for Joshua and cooked a big pot of spaghetti.  Aside from almost having a garlic crisis (saved by the neighbor), the visit went wonderfully.

Before Miss Katie and the crew arrived, I had received a call from Annette, the Director of both developmental pre-school programs in the district (an expansion of her previous role),  and Tammy, the autism teacher for the other  developmental pre-school which has an established full day program.  Since Joshua’s school is still in the early stages of it’s Developmental Pre-school program, adding the component to adding services for autistic kids is literally in it’s infancy.  From what I have gathered, my letter in the spring to the District director, helped get the ball rolling for the Joshua’s school to speed up the development of a program equitable to the established school which had a more comprehensive program for autistic kids.  The problem with the established program, however, had been most every autistic kid got the same program.  Now, the idea is to tailor a program for each child’s individual needs.  Joshua will start the school year in his regular afternoon pre-school program and different components will be added to it bit by bit, where by December, he will be going to school full days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and a half a day on Thursdays.  Ms. Katie will be his home room teacher and he will be pulled out for different groups and activities to work on the deficits he has.  I’m quite pleased and am hopeful he will gain a lot of ground this year.  I’m also excited as after the first of the year, there will also be a home component to see what is needed to help him at home.  Not sure how that will play out yet, but I’m grateful for all the help we can get.  I had hoped he could go one more year in pre-school, since he has a summer birthday, but his progress will be evaluated in the spring as to how he would do in the kindergarten program, which would be a full day and with a smaller teacher to student ratio.  I’m open to that but being a home schooling parent, I’ve been used to my kids having the same teacher!  It would certainly be something for us to get used to, for sure!

Once Ms. Katie, Ms. Kim, the aide, Ms. Jean, the speech therapist,and Ms. Christy, the new OT/PT arrived, the older kids were quite excited while Joshua was playing in his room.  I brought Katie and Kim to his bedroom and introduced Joshua to Ms. Katie.  Then, the most interesting thing happened.  Joshua put his face down and covered his face with his hands.  He was overwhelmed.  Katie greated him warmly and then she and Kim retreated to give him some time to adjust.  He had seen Katie at church a few times but this was the first time at our home.  I’m sure it was quite a shock as it was out of the norm for him, for sure.  It didn’t take long for him to warm up to them and he quickly became quite animated.  Katie and Kim sat on each side of Joshua during the lunch of spaghetti (Josh, without noodles) and Katie was able to get him to use his fork, which I had not been successful in, thus far.  I have so much to learn and much of it is patience!

I shared with the team the medical changes of the summer regarding Joshua’s dietary supplements being changed in the addition of working with Dr. Beighle and adding the supplement Carnitine and the probiotic S. Boulardii, which helps with the development of the “good yeast”, after having been on diflucan for a month to treat the over growth of yeast he seemed to have.  Everyone was quite interested in the scope of the diet and how Joshua has responded to the medication and supplements he had been taking, as well as how he has been handling the detoxification.  I shared what I had been learning in the book Special Need Kids Eat Right, by Judy Converse,  http://www.amazon.com/Special-Needs-Kids-Eat-Right-Strategies/dp/B002PJ4FSC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1284179988&sr=8-1 regarding tailoring a diet for autistic kids to what their body needs to function optimally.  It is certainly a learning process for us all which is most importantly, how to help Joshua get healthy.

Lunch time was a delightful time of everyone sharing summer adventures and Christy asking what areas I felt Joshua needed to work on for his OT/PT treatment.  We discussed some basic self care, getting dressed, going to the bathroom by himself, using utensils, riding a tricycle, to start with.  I shared what I was learning with regard to reading Engaging Autism, by Stanley I. Greenspan, http://www.amazon.com/Engaging-Autism-Floortime-Approach-Communicate/dp/0738210943/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1284178178&sr=1-1 and the success Joshua was having in his private Occupational Therapy utilizing the Floor time Method.  I was able to show a movie of him at his session 2 weeks ago due to Annie sending us a copy, which was wonderful.  I shared with Jean about the chapter I am currently reading about language development and she took down the book information to learn more.  I was also able to show them, via the movie, Joshua singing Vacation Bible School songs, which was a treat for them all as well as the Precision Song CD we recently got to review http://www.precisionsongs.com/catalog.html Sing to great the world around me. We received the CD two weeks ago and I’ve played it a few times and a few days ago, we heard Joshua singing one of the songs.   We discussed how Joshua is really responsive to music and rhyming and a “sing song” type voice.   Ms. Kim is looking forward to singing to him a lot this year, as I understand she has a great singing voice!  Yeah, Ms. Kim!

Through the visit, all the kids were quite excited and I think everyone had a great time and were well fed.  We honestly enjoyed and were honored to provide lunch for these wonderful people who work so hard to help Joshua succeed and improve.  We are so grateful and would love to have them again, to include Annette and Tammy as well!  We are completely blessed by these dedicated women, who care so much for Joshua and are joining us on this Journey of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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    What a great encouragement!

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    Thanks for responding! Yes, it is a great encouragement! It’s nice to have a comment that isn’t spam! Thanks, again, Anne!


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