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Wow!  A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog.  One thing is I lost the log in information, but we have also had a lot of changes after moving to Northern Idaho with the biggest one being that Bryan and I have separated, which has resulted in me going back into the workforce and the kids all being in public school.  I have to now juggle, as a single mom working full time, four kids in four separate schools!  Additionally, the coordination of not only Joshua’s therapies, but all the older kids needs, too!

I have continually relied upon the grace of the Lord through all of this and have been grateful for two of the services we have been able to make use of for Joshua’s (and the rest of our) benefit:  Personal Care Services and Non Emergency Medical Transport.  Oh, my goodness!  Joshua qualifies for 20 hours a week of personal care services and it is so awesome to have someone come to my house to help with making dinner, simple household chores that benefit Joshua, as well as working with Joshua to help with his evening routine, not to mention having transport take the kids to or pick them up from appointments while I’m working.

The parent of a special needs child certainly must learn to be resourceful,  not to mention when one is a single parent.  What has been valuable is making use of community resources as well as therapeutic resources.  For example, for the last 3 summers, Joshua was able to benefit from a scholarship to attend Special Needs Recreation Summer Day Camp.  While Joshua had a larger budget with the Department of Developmental Disabilities Redesign Program through Health and Welfare, he attended SNR about 2 or 3 days a week with a HI or HS staff from Syringa Family Partnership

It is also a necessity to get connected with others in the community, through the church, the schools, treatment programs,Behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.), parent groups, and in our area, the Panhandle Autism Society, The Isaac Foundation, not to mention utilizing Facebook to make connections and support one another through the ups and downs of walking this Journey with Autism.   We need our village to keep us sane, focused, encouraged and challenged to grow as parents of special needs children.  The more we reach out and be willing to be vulnerable, the better it is for everybody, because, truly, this is a challenge in and of itself and no one should journey alone.

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