Go, Bananas!

“Little Joshie Monkey”

Joshua didn’t go to school today due to the Mid-Winter Break.  It was nice having him home, for several reasons.  One is, I didn’t have to worry about the bus!  However, it does make it challenging when working on school with the girls.  (Yes, I made them do home school, despite the public school break.  It was only four a total of about 2 hours with several breaks.  I have to keep up my Meanest Mom in the World credentials.)

During the late afternoon, Joshua does get a little tired but doesn’t always nap.  So, if he’s not playing in his room, he’s in the refrigerator getting into the bananas.  He has such a sweet demeanor and it’s hard to tell him “no”.  It was especially hard today as I could tell he was both, just hungry and tired.   Dinner was close to getting ready but he was making it difficult due to having to continually redirect him away from the refrigerator and to put the bananas back.  He had such a sad face and it just broke my heart.  He didn’t understand why he just couldn’t have another one, despite already having about 3 today, at least!  With his diet, and his limited food choices, we have to try to keep his fruit intake to about 15 -20% of his diet.  Very hard to do!  I’ve been giving him frozen peas for snack as of late, but he really loves apples, oranges, raisins, and bananas!  It’s so cute hearing him try to say the word, always adding “Peas” (Please).  The good thing is that he does come to me when he wants something to eat.  **Usually** he doesn’t try to eat the fruit first, but, that’s not always the case, of course!  What really makes it difficult is that since he had to have an antibiotic when he had bronchitis, his gut flora is most likely completely wiped out, which may be why he’s having the diarrhea.  I want to give him all the probiotics I can so the good bacteria has the edge.  Despite the good that fruit is, to much would not be good, either as it can cause yeast to grow.  He’s at least tolerating the kefir and has no problem with the Cod Liver Oil.  He eats a lot of meat and veggies throughout the day and the peas are a fun alternative, but he only likes certain foods and textures and he won’t drink the broth I made for him so I have to cook with it when I can.  I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing battle and quite the learning experience.  It will get better when we have more food choices as he goes through his diet phases.  I may put in a search on the Yahoo Groups GAPS site or a post, to see what the “real experts” say, the mom’s in the trenches!

Joshua trying to pull Mommy away from blocking the fridge.

Heart breaking having to say "No" to this sweet guy!

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