GAPS Diet seems to be helping

Initial GAPS Diet Progress

Joshua is initiating contact with me, wanting to show me his snowman that Grandma Hughes gave him at Christmas. It’s a perfect snowman for him to play with as it’s weighted at the bottom so it meets his need for “heavy work”. That got me looking at websites for materials he can play with that would help eliminate the “dumping” behavior he has with toys, laundry, etc. My thought is to get about 3 of those weighted therapy balls. He could push them in a laundry basket or something and pick them up. They are about 5 – 6 pounds so they should do some kind of benefit for him.

He had speech therapy yesterday with Amanda and she, also, is pleased with his increase in speaking, attention, and initiating. She and Annie, his Occupational Therapist, also think the diet is helping. He came home from Developmental pre-school yesterday and when I asked him a question, he actually answered with a “no”. Not sure if he had the proper response, but it is something! He also said “thank you” to me after I changed him. He’s never done that before. I am so encouraged by his progress. The diet had a set back yesterday as he is starting to really crave carbohydrates and has been getting into our bread basket. He normally doesn’t like bread. He also ate about a cup of jam that I absent mindedly left out on the counter. I am giving him extra water, but I realize that I need to find some other things for him to eat. I’m providing a great menu but he’s not eating what I place before him. Last night, I’m not sure if he ate much of any of the dinner I made for the family. He was quite hungry this morning. Some days, he will eat, but he passed on the butternut squash, and the fish dish I made was awesome, in my humble opinion. I got the recipe from and it consisted of cod on a bed of spinach mixed with grated cheddar, almond meal instead of bread crumbs, red onion, and beaten egg. Sprinkled the cod with salt, white pepper (the kids didn’t care for the pepper), tarragon and dill and topped with more cheddar mixed with almond meal. Baked it at 400 and Bryan and I at least liked it. I think the girls did, too. Josh? He simply looked at it. I made a spinach salad and he might have picked out some egg but I don’t think he really ate much at all. So, for breakfast, I made some breakfast bars with almond flour, nuts and seeds. He picked out the fruit and ate his scrambled eggs. Geesh, kid! Don’t you realize I stayed up late to make this? We had to get going in the morning to take the girls to their home school field trip program at Sky Valley in Monroe and then and it was frustrating to see so little of such good healthy food go to waste. So, as you can see, I am needing some more ideas and variety to get his gut walls healed up and his gut flora in balance. He still has messy poops so something is going on, Cod liver oil aside.

Annie, his Occupational therapist gave me some hand outs of various reading about sensory activities for Joshua to do at home, his treatment plan utilizing the DIR Developmental Individualized Relationship based on the “Floor Time” model, info on weighted blankets and Compression Clothes, and a great essay by Ellen Notbohm, called, “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew”. We had a great conference and discussed how she wanted to have me involved in his treatment during his sessions. What is neat, is she is fine with having Michael join in with treatment, which is a relief for me and real life at home.

Now, I just received a call from Joshua’s teacher and the nurse at his school. He is looking “pale” and they were wondering if he was going to throw up. He just got there and was fine when he left aside from being gassy from the Cod liver Oil. I asked for them to give him some time. Wednesdays are early days for us due to his OT appointment. Hey, I just thought of something. He ate the jam yesterday! This behavior is to be expected, I would assume. He’s going to act out of the ordinary with what his body is going through. I guess I need to continue to keep record as it is good to keep in mind when monitoring his treatment. Turns out, Joshua was fine and came home at his normal time. I reassured his teacher that keeping tabs on how he was acting helps with monitoring his diet.

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