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We stayed home yesterday as I had an unsettled tummy as well as Joshua needing to get over his cold. I made soup stock and it was good. I’m trying to give Joshua, and everyone else, more stock to drink. Joshua won’t drink the stock but he’ll eat meat and veggies (except carrots) that have been cooked in the stock. I am finding myself quite distracted a lot of the time as to where to start and what to do. I’m trying to get the house less cluttery, while at the same time, attempting to home school, cook good meals and keep the house reasonably clean. My dear friend, Carol, told me about this neat blog that is quite encouraging that helps with time management in the home from another home schooling mom with a large family. Of course, taking the time to read these great gems, takes away from the time to just get the jobs done. I’m great at distracting myself. Ask my husband. Only if you have time… I’m sure he’d have a lot to say.

So, I’m looking to do more stocks. I need to get some bones from the freezer I have in there from a lamb we bought last year. We need more bones! Bryan is in support of our diet change but is concerned about our budget. I need to look up ideas on the Yahoo Group for GAPS and the Weston A. Price Foundation for ideas because other families can do it, so we can, too. It’s tough breaking out of these habits of eating refined sugar and flour, as well as processed foods.

I have been looking at the book Nourishing Traditions,by Sally Fallon for my stock recipes. This is a great book, coming highly recommended by countless friends and the Yahoo Groups. It is packed full of information and I will talk about it more as I read. Right now, I’m still working through Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I’m learning so much and writing about it sure helps it sink in more! Today, I read about Pro-biotics. Joshua has been getting one from his nutrionist called Florastor Kids. It is supposed to be really good. The problem is, she ordered us some and is supposed to mail it here and we are out as of yesterday. So, if it doesn’t come in today’s mail, I’m going to have to make some from scratch. Just what I need, more things to do. However, Anneke mentioned doing them from scratch is more economical. So, I may as well start learning how to ferment fruits and vegetables. I’m glad I have such a good support network in that regard, not to mention the Nourishing Traditions book. There’s this drink that you can make or buy called Kumbacha, I think it’s called. It smells a little like beer, but it’s made from a fermented mushroom. I don’t like beer but I don’t mind this to much, once I can get passed the smell. It’s handy, though, that they have flavored varieties.

Earlier this month I was looking at the Yahoo Group on GAPS and came across this:

I looked up this study, but now, have to read it. I have so much reading to do. (What would help if I set up a schedule and stayed with it. I’m thinking Rachel and Michael’s ADHD comes from her mother’s side of the family…perhaps, even her mother. )

I think I’m going to send this article to Dr. C and see what he thinks about it. But, I had better read it first. I don’t want to appear as an ignorant parent. It seems to me that it is an area that Autistic kids should be screened in. If they are looking for answers, why not look at some more areas of similarity? Makes sense to me! Next question, please! This gets me thinking about the medical community and their approach to Autism. They don’t know what causes it, but for those of us in the trenches, it seems that utilizing dietary changes needs to be heavily considered. Yes, it’s hard and a pain. Yes, I’d rather find an easy way out, but thank goodness, we have caught this early for Joshua so we can start establishing some good eating habits with him from the start. I think it will give him a better chance. The tough part is getting the whole family on board, who also need this diet in one way or another.

Sometimes I wonder when Joshua is crying for no apparent reason, whether he is having some detoxification going on. He gets into his sisters treats on occasion so he really needs to fully be without the gluten and sugar for about a month, I think.  The good thing is he likes fruit and peas as snacks.  We try to be considerate and wait to have certain snacks when he is not around.  However, kids being kids, they don’t put things away and he is an opportunist.

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