GAPS Diet adjustments

We have had quite an interesting day today.  Joshua had chicken and pear sauce pancakes for breakfast and seemed to like them okay.  The hard thing today was when I gave him his CLO and he cried before I gave it to him, yet resigned himself to it and took it.  Afterwards, while eating breakfast, he began crying.  Sometimes, he bites his tongue while eating.  He may have done so today, but I wasn’t sure.  He is not interested in drinking juice or water but, unfortunately, I had sprinkled his probiotics on it.   So, I will have to start putting that on food.  He seems hydrated enough, but needs to drink more fluids.  It took him quite a while to calm down.  He would still eat and cry.  Was he reacting to the taste of the CLO?  I have no idea.  It went better later, however, and at dinner time, I even had him take his second dosage of the CLO and he did so without any problem or fuss!  Wow!  That lady was right!  He’s also slowly starting to see that his juice is unaltered so I’m hoping we can get him back to eating and drinking “normally”.  Another thing Joshua is doing more of is reading books.  He was reading the Doggie Book today and pretending to bark.  He continues to mimic and the kids are learning how to play with him to encourage interactive play.  We are all coming along.  I just wish I could have some time out of the kitchen.  I’m either cooking or cleaning, it seems.  Now, I need to get off to bed.  Another late night!

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