Flu and Cold Season Triumph


After the New Year, our household came down with the nasty flu that was going around:  fever, congestion, and chest cough.  It hit everyone and some of us got it harder than others.  Joshua was down for about two days with a fever and then perked back up with the residual cough and congestion.

I took time to look up all the natural remedies that applied to the viruses floating around our house and was determined NOT to take the kids to the doctor.  The old adage that a cold usually lasts for about 2 weeks was in the back of my mind and I was aware that we, as a culture, are quick to take kids in to the doctor when they are simply suffering from a common virus, even the flu.  The kids were hydrated, had soup and raw honey, teas, doing sinus washes, taking home made Elderberry Syrup, Ginger Tea, garlic/coconut oil chest rubs, taking warm Epsom Salt baths, and getting plenty of rest.

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Joshua was well enough to start back to school when it started back up displaying no fever and simply having a residual cough and runny nose.  I had been told early on that it was the school policy to not have kids go to school when they had a fever or acted sick.  They also understand that part of the work with special needs kids like Joshua, is to help them learn about self care and covering their nose/mouths as well as using tissues and washing hands.  Joshua has actually come a long way as a result.  I was told that Joshua gains the most in his treatment in being there at school, which is so true!

Well, Joshua was acting normal and his nose was not running at home, just at school.  I got several notes about his mucus being a green shade.  I wasn’t worried, however, as he had no other signs of infection and I had him use a saline nose spray every night to help him flush the gunk out.  What encouraged me, too, was this article I read about the same time.  Basically, sometimes, a runny nose can be green but not a bacterial infection and no need for an antibiotic.  With Joshua’s gut issues, giving unnecessary antibiotics is not something I’m willing to do.  In fact, I tend to see what kind of natural remedy I can use regardless as, yes, I’m paranoid regarding the health of his gut flora.  As we know, antibiotics kill both good and bad gut bacteria and with his challenges, I want to give him every opportunity to have a healthy body, naturally.  Our bodies were designed wonderfully by our Creator and although modern medical science has done a lot of good, with all the things added to our foods (GMO, antibiotics put in meats, etc.), he already has a lot to overcome with his body having challenges detoxifying as it is.

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What ended up happening was Joshua’s nose and cough cleared up in two weeks, just as the doctors have said for years!  I felt good that not only he, but the other children (and me) all got well in the same time period and despite the pressure to take the kids in, I ended up proving more to myself and others, that spending $25 a child for a co-pay was not necessary and I was capable to nurture my kids and give their bodies the chance to heal naturally, thus building up their natural defenses.  It can be done and I would encourage anyone reading this to do the research and find out some natural remedies.  In addition, build up you children’s immune systems in the first place by ensuring they are eating a healthy diet, and most importantly, a diet that meets their needs.  We know, of course Joshua’s dietary needs due to his autism, but our older children have them as well, such as the need to cut out white sugar, white flour, corn syrup to start with, and now, we are taking out gluten to see how that helps with ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, for example.  My goal, if I can, is to have all of us do the GAPS diet, which is a short term diet of no longer than 2 years, and then start re-introducing foods, but only healthy ones.  I think Joshua did so well, for the most part, with battling viruses, because of his diet and the rest of us will benefit from that as well.

There is so much to learn and it’s kind of exciting to see how we can take our health into our own hands, choosing what goes into our bodies and feeling better over all, and who wouldn’t want that?



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