First Day on Carnitine

Joshua is now taking the amino acid supplement, Carnitine.  Dr. Beighle noted that he was deficient, as other autistic children typically are.  Since this amino acid helps the body to detoxify, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to it.  He will be checked by the doctor in 6 months.  Already, I gave him 2 teaspoons at breakfast and will give him 2 more at dinner.  It said to space the dosages out,  at least 3 – 4 hours apart, so, I may try it differently tomorrow if he has a lot of trouble today, and give him 1 teaspoon at breakfast, 1 tsp. at lunch, one for an afternoon snack, and one after dinner.  He’s supposed to have it with food, so we will see how to make this work.

Side effects I will be looking for have to do with upset stomach, type stuff, muscle pain/weakness, swelling of hands/lower legs/feet, tingling skin, or body odor (“fishy” smell).   I think I will give it a few days twice a day and see how he does.  I have Apple Cider Vinegar for baths, if he’s having a hard time.  I do hope it helps him.  Ms. Katie, his teacher, and the school staff are coming over on Thursday for lunch and to help Joshua get re-acquainted.  They will be meeting in the morning to see how his full day program will look.  I’m looking forward to the visit.  I’ve already spoken with the Autism Teacher and am looking forward to learning from her and see what will work with helping Joshua improve.  I’m really excited to see how this new supplement will help him, and what the school notices as to how he has done over the summer break.

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