Family Pictures

We got a Living Social deal a few months ago, with the Picture People to get family pictures done, a $108 package for $18.  Sunday, we finally went to have pictures done.  It was quite the experience as we hadn’t done family pictures with Joshua before, sad but true, it’s been that long.  The last set of pictures we did was when I was pregnant with him.

We had no idea how Joshua would do with the flash and the lights due to his sensory sensitivity with light, etc.  I had told them, when making the appointment, that Joshua had autism and I had no idea how he would do with the pictures.  He had school pictures done and seemed to have done pretty well, but I hadn’t got information from the teachers how they got him to look good in the pictures.  That would have been a good idea what techniques they had used, especially as, I’m sure, they had done this with other autistic kids before.

The Picture People photographer had the bright lights turned off and just used the flash, which seemed to be a  good idea as it took him quite a while to adjust once the flash went off.  The chore was to get Joshua to open his eyes again.  The woman taking the pictures did quite a few takes but even still, the ones she showed us weren’t very good.  I insisted on retakes, which didn’t please our participants very well but I said I wouldn’t display pictures that weren’t good.  What’s the use of having pictures taken for a good deal if we don’t get something to show for it?  The Picture People were willing to fit us in for another shoot after then next folks were done, so we agreed to come back in 40 minutes.  It gave us a chance to walk around in the mall and we went to a Panera Bread store for a smackeral of something to help everyone’s dispositions improve.  Luckily, I had the foresight to have Rachel pack some frozen peas for Joshua and we bought him a fruit cup.  He was quite happy enough to have a  snack while we waited to have another go around.

For the second go around, while we were waiting, I had talked with one of the staff  members, and, it turns out, she has an autistic younger brother.  It was neat connecting with her.  I have discovered, not surprisingly, that just about everyone I’ve talked with has known someone with autism.  It really helps when folks understand there’s a reason behind the odd behavior and are willing to work with you.

For the next set of pictures, we had the staff members get some props out to grab his attention and took little breaks for him to jump and get some wiggles out.  It helped quite a bit and when we had to look through the pictures for our accepted pose, the best one turned out to match our family’s personality perfectly.  It wasn’t a perfectly posed picture, but it was a perfect picture of our family.  When we do this again, we will certainly learn from this experience and be sure to have a relaxed time of it, make sure everyone has a full tummy and go at Joshua’s pace.  He has such a delightful personality and warm smile and fits perfectly in our family.  We love showing off just how precious each one of our family members are; each a gift from the Lord.

Temporary Picture of our Family Picture.

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