Easter Blessings

The kids went on an Easter Egg Hunt at a church in Kirkland on Saturday that Sarah had heard about.  We hadn’t taken our kids to Easter Egg hunts before as I don’t care for the crowds and we try to focus more on the religious significance of the day, of Jesus Christ raising from the dead and the new life we have in Him.  We have always had Easter Egg hunts on Sunday morning in our house that the kids enjoy.  Being at a church, however, certainly helped as they started the festivities with a story of spiritual significance.  What was neat about the egg hunt was not only dividing the kids by age, but also having eggs with allergies in mind.  For Joshua’s age, there was Juice packs of 100% juice and boxes of raisins.  Just perfect for his GAPS diet.  Additionally, some eggs had tickets in them so they could be redeemed for little prizes rather than a bunch of candy.  All the kids were thrilled, although, to be honest, Joshua didn’t really have to much of a clue what he was supposed to do.  I tried showing him how to pick up the eggs but all he saw when outside on the hunt was the slide and he headed right for it.  To each his own!  When we were inside, I think he was overwhelmed by the amount of people.  He started to crawl on the floor and attempted to go under the chairs.  Bryan and I took turns holding him.  I held him for the story and he held him for the door prize announcements.

Our plan for after the Easter Egg Hunt was to then go to the Cold Stone Creamery as Grandma and Grandpa had sent the kids a gift card at St. Valentine’s Day.  I was worried that Joshua wouldn’t be able to have anything and had brought some fruit for him.  Bryan noticed, however, that they had fruit smoothies and so we asked if they could simply make one with only fruit and ice, which they did.  He was quite pleased with it and would probably still be there, eating it as he takes his time!  We brought the left overs home and stuck it in the freezer for the next time we have ice cream.  What a win-win.  I had been a bit nervous as I wanted to be sure the fruit didn’t have anything on it and was assured it was plain fruit.  He seemed to do fine with it.

Rejoice!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

The girls and Michael decided to get up early to decorate for Easter!

Easter went quite well, as well.  After everyone finding Easter eggs filled with coins, jelly beans, yogurt covered somethings, trail mix and raisins, we ate breakfast and headed to Mass.  Joshua did quite well until I had to take Rachel to the back of the line as when we went up for communion, the priest simply blessed her and didn’t give her the host, so I took her back to try again.  Joshua was confused by me leaving and started to fuss and Bryan had to take him out for a while to calm him down.  He gets used to the status quo and doesn’t like change to well.  We are trying to get him used to the fact that change happens and to learn to adapt.

Something we are continuing to learn, as well, is to not only make treats sparse that he can’t have, but to put them up high out of reach.  Rachel learned that the hard way.  Despite her putting her candy in her room with the door closed and a toddler knob on the door, Joshua got in and ate most of her Easter candy.  Rachel was so upset, but not as much as Joshua.  Within a half hour, Joshua was reacting to the toxins he ingested.  He started pacing around a book he had put on the floor and fussing and crying because something wasn’t right.  I asked him what was wrong and asked if he needed to go to the potty and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall.  I barely got him on the toilet in time when he let loose.  A bath in Solar Salt water helped him feel a bit better but the next day, he again started fussing and actually came to me and took my hand as I asked if he had to go potty.  Again, he let loose with diarrhea and stayed by the toilet for 1/2 an hour.  I had thought he was done and he didn’t want to leave until he had gone again.  He didn’t eat very much for about 48 hours except for fruit and peas and some of the pancakes I make for him.  So, despite the distress to his little system, it was a blessing in disguise as he is learning to initiate going to the bathroom to some extent.   Rachel even noted that “Joshua is telling us he has to go potty, but we just have to learn to listen with our eyes.”  Bright kid!  Just like the sorrow of Good Friday leads to joy of Easter, so the pain from this lesson has had such good things come out of it, not the least of which is Joshua starting to learn the toilet!  We look for the blessings where we can.

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