DIR/Floortime Summer Camp: Week 3

Joshua transitioned from Danielle to Keri this week as his Floortime player, and Ben, this Friday.  He did numerous activities, engaging both with his players, and with parallel play with his peers.  One activity he enjoyed was having toys “slide down” a spiral track for cars and he and some other children would take turns and try various toys.  Joshua also enjoyed playing with a purple car and would even take it on the slide to slide down.  He also would play with a remote control Mario Kart and Donkey Kong cars, playing with his Floortime player or parallel playing with another camper.   At about 10 or so, every day, however, Joshua seems to need to take some time to decompress and his players playfully engage with him to draw him back into interacting.  Since he is a sensory seeker, getting tickled is one of the ways he enjoys being re-engaged.

Alek and Keri is helping Josh with his snack that he dropped on the ground. He was quite upset.

Josh likes the climber and slide, can you tell? Keri is supporting Josh.

One of Joshua’s favorite people to play with at camp, is Alek, Rosemary’s daughter, who worked with him at Rosemary White’s office when Joshua was doing OT with Annie.  An activity he and Alek do is “the Nose Bop Game”, where Joshua bops Alek on the nose.  Alek has a great technique that she does with Josh, where she works to modulate his seemingly aggressive behavior, by taking his hand, slowing it down and gently tapping her nose.  You see, he is trying to engage but doesn’t know how to organize his behavior and so he is being taught how to be more gentle.  Simply telling him not to hit disrupts the flow of his idea that he wants to engage with someone.  Josh loves the game, and at home, it becomes the “Brow Blinker, Eye Winker” game, a family game done with toddlers since my dad used to do it with all of my siblings.  It is really quite neat seeing him connect with another in a playful way and learning the skills to keep the engagement going, which is key to working with an autistic child and helping them in their development.

Joshua leading the way for Ben

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