DIR/Floortime Camp: Week 2 Part 2

I apologize in the delay of this post.  At the end of Week 2, it was Joshua’s birthday and the kids and I went to see Uncle Bill and Aunt Toni, and cousin Dani, in Cle Elum, to ride horses.  I will post on that next.  We’ve been busy….

Joshua was paired up with Danielle, his Floortime player for the second half of his second week of camp.  Danielle also has an autistic son in the afternoon camp.  When I dropped off  Joshua, he  was playing on the slide and climber with another boy, Jackson, who he called out to as he arrived.  While Josh was busy, both inside and outside, Danielle informed me that at about 10:30 each day, Joshua would lay down and seemed to need time to regulate himself before she would pick him up and work to re-engage him in some activity.  She  surmised that he might be tired or simply be overwhelmed.  As she would play with him, Danielle informed me of Joshua requiring “playful obstruction” to keep him from jumping off the climber, or redirect him from disengaging in some way, which he would respond to.  He also was attracted to the water activities and working on problem solving and taking turns with other children.

His birthday was on Friday, July 29th, and before the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to him, he bumped his head.  After being attended to, and wooed back to attending to the group with the “good bye” song, he then began weaving around the play structure while the kids sang to him “Happy Birthday”.  It’s hard to determine if he realized what  was going on, but he seemed somewhat interested in the attention he had been given.  He had about 30 children and adults who were so glad he was there, and we certainly were glad he could spend part of his birthday participating in this camp.  A bonus was being able to talk with Alek, the Coordinator of the camp, to get therapeutic gift ideas for Joshua’s birthday.  Such simple gifts that help him with his development.  How cool is that?

Joshua going up the slide with Jackson

Joshua with Danielle, on one of his favorite outside activity.

Alek and Danielle comforting Joshua after he bumped his head

Joshua listening to everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

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