Two steps forward, three steps back

Joshua has been making progress with his diet, however, for the past few days, he has been eating a lot of bananas. I know I’m most likely not limiting his fruit intake to the recommended 15 – 20% of his diet. I sure try, but as I’m working in the kitchen, the boy is constantly begging for a fruit of some kind. When I can remember, I will give him some frozen peas, which he gobbles up and is back for more. I’m still working on getting dinner on the table earlier. Doing a lot of things from scratch and not having a dishwasher that’s operational, sets me back. So, yeah, it’s easy to just give him another banana. I try to have him do something, as well, to get his mind off of food. This is quite challenging for someone who is 1) autistic, 2) a boy, and 3) starving because it’s getting close to dinner.

Today, I had to give Joshua a bath just prior to lunch as he let loose of all the poop he had not had since Friday. Suffice it to say, it went down to his socks. Sure seems obvious that it’s a gut flora issue, to me. I need to get some more probiotics as I am out of Kefir and the powder has been long gone. He had another this evening, before dinner, and may have had one at school. I will ask tomorrow when we drop Joshua off after speech therapy, just to be sure. I have to stay up on the “poop report” after all! The good thing is Joshua is much more tolerant of Kefir. I may end up just getting him that.

Love those detox baths! I do hope they show some discretion in my bath time shot!

We had a set back with his diet this afternoon, after he got home. I had foolishly left a half of peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the counter. Joshua found it when I was outside, checking in with the neighbor who was talking to our kids that were outside. I’m not sure how that may have affected him, except tonight, while he was playing, he started running a circle between the living room, dining room and kitchen. He would stop in one particular place and start to cry. I tried to move him along and he reacted more. So, into the bath he went, with some sea salts. That helped him calm down and I’m sure helped with some detoxifying. Was his melt down a result of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I would guess so. I hope the affects aren’t with him too long. He did show some social initiating behavior with me, when I was getting him ready for bed, and was in quite a happy mood. He also offered Michael “Nelson”, a truck from the Thomas the Train toys they have. All in all, despite the messy pants, he had a good day starting back to school. Even the bus drivers noted he was doing more eye contact and did say goodbye when getting off the bus. I can’t help but feel encouraged.

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