Joshua has an increased awareness of his need to communicate his needs, and is doing so verbally, more and more.  Monday, for example, when getting ready for school, he verbalized “going to school” and was clearly excited to be getting out the door and on to the bus.  He pulls on my hand and turns me in the direction he wants me to go.  If I’m working on the computer, he turns me in my swivel chair so he can play a game he made up with me.  He stands across the room and I say “ready, set…” and wait for him to say “Go!” in which he then runs into my arms, sometimes pushing my chair back upon impact.  Michael frequently joins in and then he is able to learn more about turn taking.  Joshua does a better job than Michael, actually!

Joshua had been sick the last few days, with a cold, runny nose and cough, and I’ve been keeping him inside.  Frequently, Joshua would grab my hand and take me to the laundry room, and to the back door and say “go outside”.  Before he got sick, I would send him out, but since he’s had a terrible cough, I’ve chosen to keep him in since it’s still damp outside.  It made me sad as he was doing so well verbalizing what he wanted and I had to deny him.  He has also been saying “Go play” when he wants to play with me.  Fortunately, he has some great sisters who will play with him when I can’t.

I am just thrilled hearing him communicate and I can’t help but be encouraged with his progress.  I have been reading The GAPS Guide, and wishing I had been reading it sooner.  It really gives me more ideas how to refine Joshua’s GAPS diet all the more.  I probably should have read the GAPS book and Guide prior to starting the diet, but I was so eager to get started, and even if we started out imperfectly, we are still making progress and I am grateful for every minute of it.  A neat thing is, I’m also giving the rest of the family more and more, Joshua friendly food and they are eating it in addition to the other healthy alternatives I have been making.  I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen and am looking forward to the landlord replacing out dishwasher (hopefully, sooner than later!).  I have been making a lot of home remedies for my sick ones and am grateful to see everyone improving.  Good sleep is important, so that is where I’m finally heading.

On the communication front, Ms. Katie was kind enough to send a video of Joshua spelling his name at Developmental Pre-school. You have to listen carefully as the sound quality isn’t that great but his little voice is heard spelling and saying his name.   She writes,

I hope this works.  I am going to try to send a video clip I took with my phone- I know the quality isn’t great, but he was doing such a good job that day, I had to try to get it on video!  It is also kind of hard to hear…but if you turn up you can hear him spelling!

Josh spelling name

He has continued to repeat that phrase he learned at school, hear at home:  “J-O-S-H-U-A spells Joshua!”  I guess I better get working on his five year old brother regarding learning to spell his name!  What a slacker mom!

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