Despite Adversity…

Joshua said “Good bye!”

Wow!  It’s been a while since I’ve journaled.  Joshua has become quite the trend setter at   Developmental Pre-school.  Since we have to provide his snack with his special diet, I’ve been sending frozen peas for him to eat.  Now all his class mates want to eat peas, too!  Ms. Katie had them just try one but now they all want them, every day!

Joshua is also going potty more on the toilet, if set on.  He does not initiate at all, but will go to the toilet when asked to.  I think sometimes he believes he’s going to go take a bath. He protests when he discovers that he has to do something other than what he had planned.

Joshua has been home sick for a week.  This is the main reason I haven’t written in a while.  Monday and Tuesday night he would wake up with a hacking cough that must have made his throat sore, and he would cry.  I ended up sleeping on the futon with him and he coughed in my face all night.  I made home made broth and soups all week.  He will eat the food but not the broth, so, I would make sure he had a good meal, cooked in the broth, as I understand, it’s a great way to still get the nutrients in.  He usually ends up playing in it or spilling it, anyway.  Anyway, I took both Rachel and Joshua in to see the doctor on Friday as Bryan was worried that their coughs would turn into pneumonia .  They had clear lungs, yet had bronchitis.  The kids saw a PA instead of the doctor and, as it turns out, she is quite knowlegable about the GAP diet.  She had done a research paper on autism in medical school.  We had a great conversation about diet, Jenny McCarthy, vaccinations, etc.  We both were on the same page, which was refreshing.  She saw nothing wrong about spacing out vaccinations until the child starts school.  I wish I had done that for Joshua but you can’t go back.

Well, I brought Joshua back to the doctor today as last night, after dinner was done, Joshua was the only one still sitting at the table.  While Bryan was in the other room, Joshua took it upon himself to get his own 3rd helping of food.  He ended up tipping his booster seat over and smacked his face into the table, right by his eye socket on the right side of his face.  That’s the challenge with living with an autistic child, he really does need to be carefully monitored as he doesn’t say anything and will take it upon himself to get what he wants.  Joshua, of course, refused to let Bryan put any ice on his injury and it was so swollen, today, that I went ahead and took him into the doctor’s today.  He had an x-ray, which was quite challenging to get him to cooperate, until he was allowed to lie down and have the lead apron placed onto him.  Considering his sensory processing disorder issues, it helped him to calm down and he was able to just lay on the table to get the x-rays done.  The Physician’s Assistant and another doctor looked at the x-rays and decided to send them on to radiology to have a radiologist look closer at them should he have a fracture that they would be untrained to see.  We will find out the results on Monday.  I’m assuming he is fine, but should I be wrong, and the worst case scenario happen, he may need surgery to help the bones stay together and heal.  There is the possibility that the bone could have chipped or something and it could end up affecting his  vision.  I’m glad Joshua is seeing a Vision Therapist on Tuesday.

The fading "shiner"

Something new Joshua has started to do, that in, he said twice, was, he said “Good bye” to me yesterday when I went out on an errand.  Additionally, he said “Good bye” to the Physician’s Assistant when we were leaving yesterday, too.  This was prompted, as I frequently do, to encourage him and he actually said it!  He has also started helping with cleaning up his room when I go in to clean with him, making it a game.  I utilize a saying my dear friend Jan said with her kids exclaiming “BINGO!” with each item I put in a bin.  Joshua needed a little prompting, at first, but then started helping me.  He didn’t do a lot, but it sure is a start!  Things are starting to connect and I am not sure if it’s the diet or Pre-school or all the therapy, but, to be honest, I don’t really care as long as he is making progress.  That’s what it is all about, after all.  I liken it to throwing a big net out to catch some fish.  All that we are doing with Joshua is helping and that’s what counts!

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