Dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder

Hair cuts and Joshie Monkey

We had a schedule change today, with Joshua’s Occupational Therapist having to cancel due to being sick.  The girls were a little disappointed as they wanted to see what Joshua did in therapy and they didn’t have to go out to Monroe today for their Excursion due to the Mid-Winter break.  It was nice to go at a slower pace, but I had called my friend Janet, who lives only a few blocks away from Joshie’s OT as we had a visit scheduled and she was going to cut the kids’ hair.

The last time I got Joshie’s hair cut, it was at a salon and the person who cut it, didn’t do a very good job and Josh was not very happy.  To be fair, that’s why I went to a salon as it’s not easy to cut an autistic child’s hair.  Janet is so calm and easy going and had cut his hair for me before.  She’s not licensed, but had learned from her mother and has done a great job with the kids.  Most importantly, Joshua was comfortable with her and she is quite adaptable to his wiggles.  We have decided not to use the clippers as he reacts to that, so, we do a sort of team approach, with Janet cutting and I do my best to keep him looking in one direction long enough for her to snip off some hair.  Joshua started out sitting in the chair, then stood for a while and ended up laying on the floor before I was able to get him back into his chair.  Considering all that, his haircut turned out pretty well!  He had a few strays that I trimmed up when he got in the tub tonight, so, over all, he’s looking quite cute, as usual!

Now, at Joshua’s rest time, he is to be in his room for an hour or so, of “down time”.  Joshua is free to play, and, on occasion, he actually takes a nap, even on his bed!  Part of his wind down time, he climbs up on his brother’s Thomas the Train bed and jumps down onto the mattress.  He’s been doing it since he was two years old, but what really freaks me out is when he stands up on the funnel of Thomas and jumps down.  I know it’s pointless, but I do tell him “No!  You get down.  That’s not safe,” knowing full well that when I close the door, he’s going to do it a few more times.  I could battle him for ever, and due to the fact that he’s getting some sensory need met from this, I choose my battles and just pray that the Lord will take care of him and send his angels to watch over him.  He’s the Lord’s kid, first.  I do, at least, clear out any toys around the bed so if he does fall, it won’t be on some toys or toy bin.  Just doing my part, I guess.

Michael, demonstrating a "proper position" for a boy in a Thomas the Train bed.

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