Cutting the Monkey Boy off of bananas

Joshua loves bananas.  I happen to get them free and have an abundance of them.  I had heard that bananas had more natural sugar,  however, and was trying to limit Joshua to one or two a day.  Easier said than done!  My dear Monkey boy will pull the box down from the pantry that I so cleverly hid them in or climb up on the counter and get into the kitchen cabinet, or help himself to the refrigerator.

Initially, I was lucky, as he would bring the banana to me to open.  Now, my capable boy is leaving banana peels in his wake!  That would be amusing for a comedy show, but at home, I really don’t want the hazard, nor the mess.  What has raised my concern is in the GAPS diet, in order not to feed the yeast in the gut, we need to limit his fruit intake to 15% of his diet.  Well, Joshua loves fruit, any kind of fruit, so this is hard to do!  One remedy is to not have the high sugar content fruit, so, I looked up a chart on Google to get an idea.  Oh, my!  Bananas are one of the highest, for sure, as they have 20 grams of sugar and an apple has 11 grams.

What raised my concern was that he has had messy bowel movements, worthy of getting a bath, again, the last 3 days.  He did sneak some bread on Sunday, so that may have contributed to it, but the fact that he gets into bananas and eats about 5 or so a day, seems to be the main culprit.  To off-set the limited snack choices for him, I’ve gotten frozen peas for him to have, which he loves!  He brings them to school and is quite the hit with the other kids!  I need to look for other snack ideas, non-fruit related or low natural sugar related.  I only wish he would eat carrots!  He seems to have some issue with the texture or something for carrots.  Our other successful choice has been cucumbers, although Michael is offended that we are eating Larry the Cucumber!

At any rate, I will go to my GAPS Yahoo group for more ideas and “cut Joshua off from the banana bar” using the bananas more for making him pancakes, mixing them with veggies, eggs, and sometimes even meat in the food processor.  They actually don’t taste to bad.

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