Changes in the New Year

Joshua started going full days at developmental pre-school, starting Tuesday, the 18th, scheduled for 3 days a week, with half days on Thursdays.  This has us all excited, as he is learning so much.  When I dropped him off after his speech therapy, he was so excited to go to school and immediately got involved.  Ms. Katie reported that for his first day at lunch time:

He is doing great!  Happily following the new routine!

And, at the end of the day stated:

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is asleep when he gets home! It was a busy day.  There were a couple times that he got flustered this afternoon, but the mean teacher that I am, I threw in a spontaneous recess (there was WAY too much energy in the group!) and that confused him because we don’t usually do that in the middle of the day.  Then he fussed getting on the new bus, but I eventually distracted him with tickles.  Hopefully he was okay after I got off the bus.  I assured Bonnie that the tears will only last a couple days at most, it is just because it was different and he was extra tired today 🙂 But overall, he did great!  He came into class this afternoon saying everyone’s names, extra chatty, seemed like he was in a great mood!

The bummer thing is, he got sick that night and hasn’t gone the rest of the week.  He has a class mate who’s medically fragile and we want to be sure he doesn’t pass anything on to her.  I’m hopeful he will be better by Monday as he had such a good time and has so much to learn.

One important thing we are attempting to work with him on is safety rules as Sunday, Josh got out our front door that was accidentally ajar.  When I discovered he had gotten out, I ran outside with the girls to look for him.  We ended up running up the street our home intersects with and a car pulled over told us he was up on the next corner.  When we got there, he was with some neighbors we know and two cars stopped as he had followed a lady walking her dog and when she noticed him and tried to get a hold of him, for his safety, he ran out into the street in front of the school across from us.  He was brought safely to the sidewalk and the three angels contacted our neighbors hoping they knew where he belonged.  It was then that I arrived.  He was jumping up and down, so excited to see me and I was so relieved, fighting back tears, thanking everyone, who had discovered he was autistic (from our neighbors).  The lady with the dog was also a speech pathologist and recognized he had autism.  They were all so kind and she told me about a GPS system the sheriffs department may have to help keep track of him.  What we have decided for now, is to get a ID bracelet and work with him on following safety rules, utilizing both negative consequences and positive.  His teachers think he’s bright enough to learn the rules and I think they are right.  So, Operation Safety Rules in now in affect!  I will be starting him with time outs and also using praise when he complies and see what rewards we can come up with when he follows a direction pertaining to safety.  He’s such an opportunist, but he is teachable, for sure.  I’ve caught him stealing cookies many times but putting them down when confronted.  It will take some time, but I’m confident he will learn.  In the mean time, his guardian angel is working overtime and needing a tag team, I’m sure!  What I greatly appreciate is sites, like this one: which provide safety tips to help keep autistic kids, like Joshua, safe should they wander, and even, ideas as to how to prevent them from harm: We have plenty of work set out for us, but that dear child is so worth it!

Joshua, Sarah, Rachel and Michael at Christmas time

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