Birthday Party Planning is not such an easy task

Joshua’s birthday is at the end of the month and he is turning 11 years old. He has expressed the desire to have his party at Jump For Joy, a bouncy house establishment. Last summer, I bit the bullet and we went to the gymnastics center in town, but due to the cost and time restrictions, his dad and I settled on having the party at my house. The theme is Water Play and will involve water balloons, squirt guns, the slip and slide and our trampoline.

My challenge this year is to sell Joshua on the party at home as he has set his heart on the jumpy house thing for quite some time. I know he likes to jump, as this is why we have a trampoline. However, he also likes water play and when we had his sister’s graduation party at the beginning of June, he and some of the kids that came had an epic water battle. He had asked where the water balloons were and I didn’t have any. I certainly do now! I saw some Minion water balloons at Target and got the Zuru Bunch O Balloons set from Costco that fills 100 balloons in 60 seconds with a set of 350 balloons.

My thought is always involving how to make Joshua’s experiences a growing one for him. I decided to email his speech therapist to get some feedback, especially since one of our goals is to help Joshua with his social skills development via the Social Thinking curriculum. He is starting Middle School in September and he acts socially/emotionally around 6 or 7. With that in mind, I want to see how to involve Joshua in the party planning, not only as to what food and who to invite, but what activities to do and what water balloon games to play. Joshua has a director type demeanor so it would be good to develop those skills while also growing with his social interactions with peers. He would have more of an opportunity with this type of party as opposed to going to a jumpy house establishment.

I’m excited to see what comes of this experience for him. One thing for sure, it is bound to be fun. The challenge will be how to balance the activities so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. I need to work in time for him to regulate so he doesn’t get over stimulated or shut down while having realistic expectations for him. Through it all, I also want to ensure we have good communication and he ultimately enjoys his day.

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