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“Plays well with others”

Joshua started back to school on Tuesday.  He got quite a bit of “Oooo’s and Ah’s” regarding his black eye when I took him to Speech and then to school.  It made me nervous and then sad thinking about how some kids are abused.  Every life is so precious and I can barely stomach the reports I’ve read in the past, and newspaper articles about what some adults do to kids Joshua’s age.  I love that little guy so much and when I look at his class mates, and how pure and innocent they are, it breaks my heart to think about the ugly side of our humanity.  Anyway, Kevin, Joshua’s bus driver had a funny little quip when I told him about Joshua tipping over in his chair and hitting the table.  He wanted to know “how the table make out”?  I told him the table won this time.

Joshua was quite happy to get back to Developmental Pre-school and he got right in line, with Ms. Katie having to hold him to keep him from running ahead.  I’m so glad he enjoys school.  He is benefiting and we are seeing that.

Ms. Katie writes: "He wasn't supposed to be IN the sensory table, he can be quick!!"

Despite taking a week off due to illness, Joshua was continuing to show improvement.  During Speech Therapy, Amanda worked with him to say “Mine” and with words to let him express his needs such as “All Done”, “Down”, “Help”, “Out”, “In”, to mention a few.  He didn’t do much for repeating the words to her at the time, although he will eventually say something like “Ready, Set, Go!” and “Please” followed by some un-intelligible words.  When he’s been home, we hear a lot of words she practices with him.  The day after Speech Therapy, he was in the kitchen while I was making dinner and he was saying “Mine”, several times while holding his train.  Today, he was repeating several phrases I spoke to him.  Yes, it’s mimicking, but it’s a start and he’s starting to get it.  He’s also improving with his receptive language, learning to stop when I tell him to.

I’ve also noticed he is doing some more engaging with others when playing, as evident today in the Play Room at St. Brendan’s.  He and Michael were playing together and laughing while rocking on the rocking toy.  Ms. Katie also stated he was making friends and liked to play with another boy, also on the Spectrum.  He would join in with this boy, who likes to run, and is really similar to Joshua.  They both like playing on the slide.  From Katie’s description, it sounds a lot like what he does at home, but I’m glad he is playing with other kids.

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