Baby Steps on the ASD Marathon

Joshua pulls my hand and directs me into his world.  I think that’s a positive step.  He wants me to play with him. There are times he pulls in his sisters, too, and engages his brother by teasing him, taking his trains and running, laughing as he goes.  He went to Sunday School today and at times seems to acknowledge the other kids.  I can tell he is getting trained regarding waiting and standing in line.  The kids were getting ready to go to the bathroom to wash up and for once, he wanted to go with them.  Usually, he runs around the room and is in his own world.  He also did some vocalization today, singing Happy Birthday and saying a word or two when they were at the prayer table.  These are all significant events and baby steps.

Sometimes the symptoms of autism speak softly, but there are times when the roar loudly, with a booming voice.  I’m encouraged by Josh’s progress and I think the diet is helping, but I have to remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, as much as I’d like it to be.

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