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A Tragic Relationship With Autism

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to start this post.  I have had a lot of thoughts these past two weeks, especially after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  It simply has been heart wrenching for me to even think about the pain these 27 families, have endured with the horrific shooting that […]

The Katie Beckett Waiver and the Idaho Children’s System Redesign

When Bryan got his job in Spokane, we were thrilled to move away from the hustle and bustle of the West side of Washington State.  When my Idaho cousins told me about the Katie Beckett program for disabled kids, where they could now receive Medicaid and additional services, it made us really look at moving […]

The Latest in Autism News

I subscribe to a number of autism related feeds on Facebook, with friends who are also interested in what is going on in the area of autism search for the cause and treatment.  I tend to gravitate toward those who, yes, believe like I do that we can find a way to help these kids […]

What Gifts to Get For An Autistic Child.

I must admit that when it comes to deciding what gifts to get Joshua for Christmas, I am a little confused.  With his SIB-R evaluation indicating he’s at about a 2 and a half year old level, which is certainly accurate in many ways, I’m taken aback as to what to focus on for his […]

Mommies can’t get sick, but if they do, God provides.

  Tuesday, after Joshua’s Parent/Teacher Conference, I came down with an incredible pain in my kidney area that turned out to be diagnosed as kidney stones.  It’s now Sunday and I’ve been out of commission for almost 6 days.  While I’ve gotten extra rest, with periods of excruciating pain, it made me realize all the […]

A Peek into Joshua’s School Day

Joshua is blessed to be in a school program for autistic children in our school district and I am so thrilled by the treatment he is receiving.  Colleen, the director of Syringa Family Partnership, went to observe Joshua last Monday so as to see what additional behaviors we can work on while set up with […]

Life with an autistic child: A peek at my morning

What is going on around me while I tried to work this morning: I started my writing day, today,  getting up early at 5 AM and getting to the computer at 5:30 AM.  I have had too many late nights writing and falling asleep at the computer, which is not good for my neck and […]

The Willing Sacrifice for Autism Treatment

Joshua’s weekly calendar is starting to fill up and I’m realizing that although I know that all his therapy is good for him, it’s also, honestly hard on me.  I am reminded of the vision that the Lord gave me, when we first started down this road of autism treatment, of Hannah in the Old […]

I’m so thankful for school programs for autistic kids!

We aren’t made of money, of course, but we do want the best treatment for autism that is out there, if we can, searching out resources to make that happen.  This has been some of the motivation behind us moving from Washington to Idaho.  With Joshua now qualifying for the Katie Beckett Waiver, which Idaho […]

Spotlight on Journey with Joshua Affiliates

I have taken the plunge into utilizing affiliate marketing with our blog, simply for the fact that although Joshua is getting more services, his diet and supplements, are not covered by insurance and are expensive. One way, aside from your prayers, of course, that you can support Joshua along his journey is to check out […]