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Mommies can’t get sick, but if they do, God provides.

  Tuesday, after Joshua’s Parent/Teacher Conference, I came down with an incredible pain in my kidney area that turned out to be diagnosed as kidney stones.  It’s now Sunday and I’ve been out of commission for almost 6 days.  While I’ve gotten extra rest, with periods of excruciating pain, it made me realize all the […]

A Peek into Joshua’s School Day

Joshua is blessed to be in a school program for autistic children in our school district and I am so thrilled by the treatment he is receiving.  Colleen, the director of Syringa Family Partnership, went to observe Joshua last Monday so as to see what additional behaviors we can work on while set up with […]

Finding Joshua the Best Treatment for Autism Available

Since Joshua was approved for the Katie Beckett Waiver, I have been taking all the steps I can to get services set up for him that would provide him with every opportunity to benefit from these specialty designed treatments  for autistic children.  It hasn’t been easy, however. I soon discovered after Joshua had been approved […]

The Willing Sacrifice for Autism Treatment

Joshua’s weekly calendar is starting to fill up and I’m realizing that although I know that all his therapy is good for him, it’s also, honestly hard on me.  I am reminded of the vision that the Lord gave me, when we first started down this road of autism treatment, of Hannah in the Old […]

I’m so thankful for school programs for autistic kids!

We aren’t made of money, of course, but we do want the best treatment for autism that is out there, if we can, searching out resources to make that happen.  This has been some of the motivation behind us moving from Washington to Idaho.  With Joshua now qualifying for the Katie Beckett Waiver, which Idaho […]

Spotlight on Journey with Joshua Affiliates

I have taken the plunge into utilizing affiliate marketing with our blog, simply for the fact that although Joshua is getting more services, his diet and supplements, are not covered by insurance and are expensive. One way, aside from your prayers, of course, that you can support Joshua along his journey is to check out […]

Your Autistic Child will benefit from the GAPS diet

I wanted to take some time to highlight a website I have been blessed to come upon these last few years as we have been on this Journey of Autism with Joshua. Health, Home and Happiness, Click here to visit Health Home and Happiness. has been one of those “go to” sites where I have […]

Bio-medical Treatment: DAN Doctors are the way to go! Pt. 2

After such a terrible experience with Dr. Neff, I drove Joshua to his elementary school, crying most of the way.  I felt that Joshua was seen as a scientific experiment and he was far from that.  I was determined to fire Dr. Neff and did so.  When I called, I told the receptionist I felt […]

Bio-medical Treatment: DAN Doctors are the way to go! Pt. 1

Thursday Joshua has his second visit to see Dr. Michael Whitney, a naturopahic DAN doctor in Spokane.  I am so grateful we are connected to him as I really think a biomedical approach is the way to go for autistic treatment.  What is biomedicine you ask?  Well, I Googled it just to come up with […]

Starting Autism Program at School in Idaho

Joshua started school at the elementary that has an autism program here in the Coeur d’Alene School District.  Michael and I took him to the “Meet the Teacher” night the week before school started.  I’m pleased to say that Joshua was himself and they certainly had a “base line” to go off of for the […]