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Social Thinking

I went to an incredible conference on Friday for work, but also so relevant as a mother to my children, Joshua with his autism, but also Michael with his Sensory Processing Disorder and Rachel with her ADD tendencies, as well as Sarah with her anxiety.  The topic was Social Thinking and the speaker was Beckham Linton, […]

Hey! What’s new?

Wow!  A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog.  One thing is I lost the log in information, but we have also had a lot of changes after moving to Northern Idaho with the biggest one being that Bryan and I have separated, which has resulted in me going back into the […]

Thankful for Joshua’s Progress

Joshua had his annual IEP update back on October 9th and his parent/teacher conference on Tuesday and has already met most of the new goals set out for him at the IEP.  I had such a feeling of gratitude looking around the table at all the people invested in helping Joshua progress in his treatment.  […]

Planning for the future: Life Coaching

I am sorry that I have been spotty with my blog posts the last few months.  We’ve had some family issues we have been working through and one of the changes is next school year, all the kids will all be in school outside of the home.  The girls will go to a local Charter […]

Alternative Therapies Help Kids Recover

I have watched shows on autism where the conventional approaches to treatment are touted due to their scientific proof that they work, which they certainly do tremendous good.  The discussion usually goes along the lines that more energies should be put into those type of therapies (ABA, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies).  In fact, in […]

What is Motor Planning?

When Joshua first got diagnosed with autism, so began the long journey of countless Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy appointments, with some Vision Therapy, and Bio-Feedback thrown in there for extra fun.  As typical, the first few appointments involve assessments and when the results are explained to me, I’m introduced to such words […]

Joshua’s Improvements and Future Autism Treatment Goals

This Christmas Season has brought with it many things to delight in.  The kids all get excited this time of year, and for the first time, Joshua has expressed verbal interest in preparing for Christmas.  He is talking a lot more spontaneously and it feels like he’s truly making some strides developmentally.   At our parish, […]

The Katie Beckett Waiver and the Idaho Children’s System Redesign

When Bryan got his job in Spokane, we were thrilled to move away from the hustle and bustle of the West side of Washington State.  When my Idaho cousins told me about the Katie Beckett program for disabled kids, where they could now receive Medicaid and additional services, it made us really look at moving […]

Mommies can’t get sick, but if they do, God provides.

  Tuesday, after Joshua’s Parent/Teacher Conference, I came down with an incredible pain in my kidney area that turned out to be diagnosed as kidney stones.  It’s now Sunday and I’ve been out of commission for almost 6 days.  While I’ve gotten extra rest, with periods of excruciating pain, it made me realize all the […]

Finding Joshua the Best Treatment for Autism Available

Since Joshua was approved for the Katie Beckett Waiver, I have been taking all the steps I can to get services set up for him that would provide him with every opportunity to benefit from these specialty designed treatments  for autistic children.  It hasn’t been easy, however. I soon discovered after Joshua had been approved […]