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Life with an autistic child: A peek at my morning

What is going on around me while I tried to work this morning: I started my writing day, today,  getting up early at 5 AM and getting to the computer at 5:30 AM.  I have had too many late nights writing and falling asleep at the computer, which is not good for my neck and […]

Our Move to Northern Idaho

We found a rental house in Northern Idaho, the Panhandle and moved here on July 2nd.  The move actually went pretty smooth, despite sucking up all of our savings, with much of the credit going to our friends, who volunteered to help with the packing, and our parents, who stepped in when we were in […]

Wish List

I have been thinking a lot as I have been looking over different diets to help autistic kids.  I really like the GAPS diet, which is based off of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Another one I discovered along the way is from No Harm Foundation called the Spectrum Balance Diet (  All three of these […]