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Family Pictures

We got a Living Social deal a few months ago, with the Picture People to get family pictures done, a $108 package for $18.  Sunday, we finally went to have pictures done.  It was quite the experience as we hadn’t done family pictures with Joshua before, sad but true, it’s been that long.  The last […]

CPS: Friend or Foe?

I got a note from CPS a week ago, Tuesday.  It involved the incident when Joshua escaped out of the gate with the faulty latch and ended up down the street a few weeks ago.  I got a call from a Public Health nurse who  discussed the concerns in the report, and will complete an […]

DAN Doctor for Joshua

I have been reading a book by a nutritionist and dietitian named Judy Converse, called Special Needs Kids Eat Right:  Strategies to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn, and Thrive  I had checked it out of the library and although I hadn’t finished reading it before having to return it, I was […]

Toy Story 3 and “Trust”

The kids and I took Bryan to see Toy Story 3 in 3- D, for Father’s Day, thanks, in part, to his parents as they had given us gift cards for the movies.  Taking a family of 6 to the movies now a days costs a pretty penny!  It was the first time either Michael […]

The “Autism Stigma”

Joshua enjoying the Pinewood Derby with our Parish Scout and American Heritage Girl Troop I’ve encountered countless people on our journey into Autism Spectrum Disorder who either have a child on the spectrum, or know of a child on the spectrum.  It is journey mixed with hope and heart ache.  I am amazed and saddened […]

Haircuts with an Autistic boy

I took the kids to Fred Meyer on Friday as it was Sarah’s birthday and our zoo plans got rained out.  She and Rachel had gift cards and birthday money that was burning a hole in their pocket that they had been eager to spend.  It was a neat experience as I honestly didn’t mind […]

Owie, Owie!

Joshua went to his first Vision Therapy appointment today with his vision therapist, Samantha (Sam).  He will be going weekly.  Our insurance will pay for a lifetime maximum of 32 visits.  Since we don’t have the resources to pay $100 a session, we will be making the most of the time we have.  Sam showed […]


Joshua had Occupational Therapy today with Annie and Michael, again, joined us.  I so appreciate Annie being willing to have Michael involved as it truly does imitate real life at home.  Joshua needed a lot of “regulating” today as he had to get up early so we could take Sarah and Rachel out to Monroe […]

I wish I knew…

The Nose is Flowing I wish I knew a lot more than I do, but the trouble with that is more would be expected from me!  LOL!   You have to have a sense of humor around my house.  It keeps you sane(r).   Anyway, the reason I bring this up is the kids are either suffering […]

Occupational Therapy at Home

Occupational Therapy in the Home There are a lot of cool things you can use in your home, which is the main area of treatment for your kid, being that they are home, with the family, more than anywhere else.  This is always my preference, anyway.  Anyway, the lycra swing Joshua enjoyed swinging in, could […]