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A Tragic Relationship With Autism

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to start this post.  I have had a lot of thoughts these past two weeks, especially after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  It simply has been heart wrenching for me to even think about the pain these 27 families, have endured with the horrific shooting that […]

The Latest in Autism News

I subscribe to a number of autism related feeds on Facebook, with friends who are also interested in what is going on in the area of autism search for the cause and treatment.  I tend to gravitate toward those who, yes, believe like I do that we can find a way to help these kids […]

The Willing Sacrifice for Autism Treatment

Joshua’s weekly calendar is starting to fill up and I’m realizing that although I know that all his therapy is good for him, it’s also, honestly hard on me.  I am reminded of the vision that the Lord gave me, when we first started down this road of autism treatment, of Hannah in the Old […]

More Evidence Linking Vaccines made with Aborted Fetal Cells and Autism!

My September 2012 news letter from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute had the above title to one of their articles:  “Sound Choice has uncovered more evidence linking aborted fetal manufactured vaccines and autism disorder!”  Read Here. According to Dr. Neff, the debate with vaccines causing autism is over and it’s “proven that vaccines do not cause […]

Bio-medical Treatment: DAN Doctors are the way to go! Pt. 1

Thursday Joshua has his second visit to see Dr. Michael Whitney, a naturopahic DAN doctor in Spokane.  I am so grateful we are connected to him as I really think a biomedical approach is the way to go for autistic treatment.  What is biomedicine you ask?  Well, I Googled it just to come up with […]

Let More Autism Treatment Begin!

Joshua was approved for the Katie Beckett Waiver we discovered last weekend.  After having an interview with Stacey from the Department of Health and Welfare here in Idaho.  Stacey came over to do the evaluation that was needed to qualify him for the Katie Beckett.  I was a bit nervous, but didn’t need to be, […]

The “Autism Stigma”

Joshua enjoying the Pinewood Derby with our Parish Scout and American Heritage Girl Troop I’ve encountered countless people on our journey into Autism Spectrum Disorder who either have a child on the spectrum, or know of a child on the spectrum.  It is journey mixed with hope and heart ache.  I am amazed and saddened […]