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Let More Autism Treatment Begin!

Joshua was approved for the Katie Beckett Waiver we discovered last weekend.  After having an interview with Stacey from the Department of Health and Welfare here in Idaho.  Stacey came over to do the evaluation that was needed to qualify him for the Katie Beckett.  I was a bit nervous, but didn’t need to be, […]

Dog days of summer

Joshua is now afraid of dogs, which I’m hoping is a temporary thing.  He got jumped on by a relative’s small dog, 3 times while we were visiting on the 4th.  He has never cared for small dogs, but he did seem to enjoy the larger dogs up until then, especially our friends’ Golden Retriever, […]

Challenging the Autism Routine

Joshua had a productive time in Speech Therapy, however, he was frustrated that he wasn’t given full range to do what he wanted.  I’m constantly amazed and impressed by Amanda, his Speech therapist.  She is trying to see how he will do with using pictures to express what he wants.  I’m so glad he gets […]