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The “Autism Stigma”

Joshua enjoying the Pinewood Derby with our Parish Scout and American Heritage Girl Troop I’ve encountered countless people on our journey into Autism Spectrum Disorder who either have a child on the spectrum, or know of a child on the spectrum.  It is journey mixed with hope and heart ache.  I am amazed and saddened […]

Wish List

I have been thinking a lot as I have been looking over different diets to help autistic kids.  I really like the GAPS diet, which is based off of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Another one I discovered along the way is from No Harm Foundation called the Spectrum Balance Diet (  All three of these […]

Splish, Splash, Splosh

Joshua likes Thomas the Train, thanks to his older brother, Michael.  One of the DVD’s they recently got for Easter from their grandparents is one called “Splish, Splash, Splosh”.  Joshua is now prone to say that phrase when he delightfully stomps in any puddle he comes across, no matter how deep, and no matter whether […]

Cutting the Monkey Boy off of bananas

Joshua loves bananas.  I happen to get them free and have an abundance of them.  I had heard that bananas had more natural sugar,  however, and was trying to limit Joshua to one or two a day.  Easier said than done!  My dear Monkey boy will pull the box down from the pantry that I […]

Detoxifying autistic children: Gentle approach

Nutritional – Sulfate (PST) There is so much information on the internet regarding natural approaches to treating the symptoms of autism.  I came across this particular treatment, recently  regarding Sulfate as it relates to detoxifying autistic children: Dr. Rosemary Waring found that most people with autism have a deficiency in a key detoxification pathway. […]

Easter Blessings

The kids went on an Easter Egg Hunt at a church in Kirkland on Saturday that Sarah had heard about.  We hadn’t taken our kids to Easter Egg hunts before as I don’t care for the crowds and we try to focus more on the religious significance of the day, of Jesus Christ raising from […]

Making plans

Joshua usually has a plan and I can most often clue in as to what his plan is, such as when I hear the box I have fruit stored in the pantry closet, although, apparently not very well, hit the floor.  Joshua is hungry and he wants something to eat.  He either pushes a chair […]


Joshua has an increased awareness of his need to communicate his needs, and is doing so verbally, more and more.  Monday, for example, when getting ready for school, he verbalized “going to school” and was clearly excited to be getting out the door and on to the bus.  He pulls on my hand and turns […]

“Autism Quackery”

I read an interesting article by a doctor who has two children on the Autism Spectrum:  Dr. Laidler had some valid points he made.  This brings me to, of course, question the diet we have Joshua on, as if it really makes a difference.  Honestly, I don’t really know, definitively, but he’s healthy and […]


Two steps forward, three steps back Joshua has been making progress with his diet, however, for the past few days, he has been eating a lot of bananas. I know I’m most likely not limiting his fruit intake to the recommended 15 – 20% of his diet. I sure try, but as I’m working in […]