Challenging the Autism Routine

Joshua had a productive time in Speech Therapy, however, he was frustrated that he wasn’t given full range to do what he wanted.  I’m constantly amazed and impressed by Amanda, his Speech therapist.  She is trying to see how he will do with using pictures to express what he wants.  I’m so glad he gets challenged and moved out of his routine just a bit as it will help him so much in the future!  Autistic kids can get into a rut.  Although routine is important, varying it slightly will help them with real life events and to be able to handle not getting what you want.  It’s a great life skill to learn.  A lot of “normal” people still need to learn that fact.

I am continuing to read from the Gut and Psychology Syndrome and am learning about digestive enzymes.  These are so important, practically for us, for when Joshua gets into things that are not diet friendly.  There is so much involved in getting a body running healthy.  There is much to keep track of.  My next job, after reading, is to make a list of natural remedies for Bryan’s grocery shopping.  I’m so glad there are natural ways to get these things for Josh as it does get expensive.  So, I need to learn how to make cabbage juice and sauerkraut!  The next step will be getting Joshua to take some, but I would plan to do so the same way as the CLO.  Poor kid.  He has quite the expressive face and he really looks so sad when he has to take his medicine.  I am realizing that patience is vital in this whole journey and it’s hard as I do want to hear him have intelligible conversations and act like a “normal” 3 year old.  But, the essential thing is, loving Joshua and enjoying him for who he is, like all the kids!  They are each a precious gift from God.

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